What the Present & Future Has in Store for Intranet Buyers – Tech Trends

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What the Present & Future Has in Store for Intranet Buyers – Tech Trends

Trends in technology come and go. What remains the major point of consideration is the fact that how well you keep yourself updated with the trends and leverage the same in your business activities. Being an intranet buyer, your responsibility doesn’t stop at filtering and purchasing the right software. You need to be aware of all the present and future technology trends that can be easily applied in the intranet software.

So, here are some of the top trends of today and tomorrow that you should be focusing on –

I. Present Day Tech Trends

If you observe the current market trends, you will find that the advancements in technology have accelerated to give birth to the following –

a) Virtual Reality

This is one of the many trends, which made an excellent comeback in 2016 and in the present day, it is the most popular to use device for your smartphones. Although, it is currently used only for gaming and entertainment, yet it is expected to be used for multiple purposes in the future, such as –

  • Real Estate – Find your ideal new home, walk through it and see how your furniture would look like, when kept inside the room.
  • Education – You can attend a class from anywhere in the world and also practice brain surgery and others.
  • Shopping – Try different clothes on your body and find which one of them looks the best on you, before actually buying them online.
  • Tourism – Travel or visit any city or country around the world without even being there physically.
  • Design – Look for new options for your car, homes or interior decoration.

b) IPA

IPAs are popularly known as ‘Intelligent Personal Assistants’, which have gained a faster adoption in the market through smartphones, macOS and Windows 10. When connected to Wi-Fi, the gadgets with artificial intelligence get connected to multiple devices and complete the tasks, using simple commands such as ‘OK Google’. They also enable you to set reminders, start Netflix, play music, create playlists, adjust the room temperature, skip songs and the have the news, emails and others read to you.

c) Cognitive Computing

IBM Watson is a ‘must discuss’ term, when talking about Cognitive Computing. It is a service, which is exposed as a set of SaaS (Software as a Service) products and open APIs. The services of Watson include Virtual Agent or chatbots, Speech to Text, Natural Language Understanding, Text to Speech and Visual Recognition. At present, you might see the use of IBM Watson in the applications in Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Financial and Pharmaceuticals sector.

II. Upcoming Tech Trends

Now, when you know about the top trends in the present day, it is time to gather information about some trends that are expected to take place in the near future. Have a look –

a) Driverless Cars

You might have heard about this concept in the recent times. But, such autonomous cars have not yet been available in the local markets. If we go by predictions, it is estimated that hopefully by 2026, 10% of all cars will transform into driverless cars.

b) Hyperloop

A company, known as Hyperloop One, is presently involved into R&D phase of developing direct, autonomous and high speed transportation systems. These types of vehicles will carry both cargo and passengers. Using electric propulsion, they are expected to accelerate slowly, which in turn, will help the vehicle to run at great speed.

c) Satellite Internet

Last but not the least; this trend in the list is one of the most exciting ones to follow. A well reputed company is known to have applied for establishing low-Earth orbit satellite network. This network is expected to introduce high-speed internet and low latency to the world.

Parting Words

If you own an intranet software (MyHub) or planning to buy one, it is recommended to keep an eye on the latest tech updates happening around the world. This will help you ensure that your intranet is occupied with the latest technology and helps you communicate as well as streamline different tasks in a more efficient way.


Every intranet buyer must be aware of some latest and upcoming technology trends that can be applied in intranet software to boost its efficiency.



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