What is the difference between 4-star hotels and normal hotels?

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Hotels are increasingly opening all across the world. But, all of them are not providing the high-quality and exclusive services. Depending on the services and facilities they offer to their customers, hotels are given the different rating. A five-star hotel offers you the facilities which you won’t find in the hotels of low rating like 2-star or 3-star hotel. The 4-star hotels meet the expectation for higher quality services across all departments. Educated and trained staff will always be available round-the-clock in such hotels.

The 4-star hotels are different from normal hotels in many ways. In a 4-star hotel, there will be several room options available, incorporating suites. It may have many restaurants and bars, extensive business facilities like a conference room, a swimming pool, and a gym. Customers will have 24-hour access to the hotel staff, and other amenities. Wi-fi will be provided in all the bedrooms, refrigerator and LED should also be provided in a 4-star hotel. All suite bathrooms have a thermostatically-controlled shower. These all facilities you won’t find in normal hotels.

The normal hotels are not updated with the advanced technology and related convenience whereas 4-star hotels are up-to-date with the latest technology and the associated facilities it provides the best experience to users. You will not find additional facilities like a fitness center, swimming pool, business center, spa, etc, but 4-star hotels will provide you with all these facilities. Four-star hotels will have exceptional staffing levels with well-structured and enthusiastic teams at all management levels. You can expect an exquisite attention to all the details at 4-star establishments.
In the normal hotels, the service should come to you as needed, but in the 4-star hotel your every need or demand should be predicted in advance. For instance, the hotel staff of a 4-star hotel will promptly take control of the luggage from the guests when they arrive at the reception and do the fast delivery in their rooms. With as 24-hour room service, reception, and caretaker services, it becomes the best place to spend your quality time with your family.

In a four-star hotel, every customer is treated as an individual and offered the best services. The customer service is seamless in 4-star establishments whereas you will miss this in normal hotels. In order to maintain an excellent level of service, one would expect a higher ratio of staff to guests which is provided in four-star establishments. In the 4-star hotels, every aspect of appearance has been specifically designed or selected for that accommodation whether it is bed linen, wall-painting, fabrics, table arrangement, color schemes, etc. But, in normal hotels, they don’t pay attention to all these aspects.

In the hotel business, if your hotel has received 4 or 5-star rating, nothing can be more lucrative than this. So, whenever you plan your holiday this time, book a 4-star hotel and enjoy their services. Four-star hotels also offer some special discounts and exclusive packages, you can also grab such good offers and enjoy your holidays



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