What does Downhole Tools mean?

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What does Downhole Tools mean?

For hole enlargement, torque reduction and drag resistance improvement, Cable Supplie Inc. has perfected high-performance downhole tools. To lower the total cost of drilling and production programs and to improve the efficiency, operators throughout the world rely on these special tools.

What does Downhole Tools mean?

The equipment used in several operations such as the well drilling, well interventions, well completions production of oil and gas, or well workover activities and help the oil well in optimizing the production levels and maintain a continuous flow from a reservoir, Down Hole Tools are used.  To conduct well activities, there are many types of downhole tools that are used. There are roller centralizers, drilling jars, drag friction, shock tools, fishing tools, tubular tools and drill pipes, slick line tools & equipment, wireline tools & equipment, example, pushing tools, drill pipes, drilling jars, centralizers, fishing tools, tubular tools, etc. For workover operations and well completions, these tools are used in the bottom hole assembly. During extreme temperatures and pressure conditions, they are mostly used.

In the bottom hole assembly, these tools are used. Based on the reservoir formation characteristics these are selected. The tools ensure an increase in oil production and can reduce the costs related to oil recovery-activities. For various operations like fishing, casing, cementing, well-bottom communication, drilling, logging, well measurement and fracturing, the Downhole Tools are used. Based on which their markets are segmented, the tools have several types. They can be divided according to their applications. They are well drilling, formation, and evaluation, well intervention, well completion and oil and gas production.

To carry out workover operations and well completion process as well as examining the reservoir properties such as rock, sand, a liquid by bringing their sample on the well surface is the primary purpose of using downhole tools. Mostly during extreme pressure and temperature conditions, they are used. To improve the life of oil well and thus, improving the continuous flow of fluid, Downhole tools are used. It also helps in minimizing the cost involved in performing oil recovery-related activities from an oil well. Repairing and performing any cementing and well casing operations, fishing of any leftover equipment/tool in the borehole, well measurement, etc are various operations performed by downhole tools.

Some types of Downhole tools are:


This product stems from advanced VSP technology, which can be suitable for MVSP construction in various complex geographical conditions. It adopts hard-wired by the metal bar between levels, which guarantee the precise sizing and orienting after wired, and the shock absorption unit acts to buffer between levels.


VS series geophone string was developed by Sunfull independently which are designed for well logging seismic exploration with high resolution. It has main fractures as wide frequency band, high sensitivity, good signal-noise ratio, and strong environmental adaptability; this makes the VS series geophone string to be an ideal product for deep and high-resolution exploration.

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