What are the Significant Benefits of Pelleting in Poultry Feed Plant?

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Poultry feed can be divided into different forms such as crumble, mash, and pellet. The feed form and feed particle size (fine, medium and coarse) have the significant impact on the growth, body characteristics and digestive tract functioning of chickens. Mash form usually results in some waste due to grains separation from other ingredients; this actually causes the flicking behavior of chickens. Pellet feed has overcome this issue by producing uniform proportions and helps in better digestion of nutrients in the chickens. Crumbles is also a type of poultry feed which is prepared by crushing the pellets into a consistency that’s better than mash.

Major Benefits of Pelleting for Chicken Feed Ingredients

There are ample of benefits of pelleting using poultry feed plant. Have a look-

  • Pelleting which done using poultry feed making machine, reduces the waste of chicken feed and water soiling. Also, improves the eating behavior in chickens.
  • Manufacturers of poultry feed plant design these machines in such a manner that it minimizes the bulkiness of feed by 15 – 18%.
  • The pellet form of chicken feed successfully avoids animals picking at the feed for favorite ingredients. Apart from, reduction in feed waste, the feed conversion is also appreciated.
  • In the poultry feed mill machine, the material will become ready to eat during pelletizing. This adds the better taste in feed and also offers better digestibility which will aid chickens to grow faster and stay healthier.
  • It reduces salmonella (a bacterium which occurs in the gut), molds and more. Pelletizing process does not allow growing inhibitors such as gossypol and trypsin.
  • The pelletizing process in the poultry feed making machine resolves the mixing difficulties, perfectly controls the particle sizes and improves ingredient separation.
  • Suppliers and exporters of poultry feed mill machine aid people who are involved in poultry farm business in saving of 15-20% on chicken feed cost.
  • Pelletizing increases the food efficiency by producing a better nutrient density, enhancing the presence of Vitamin E and B12 and improving digestibility as well as the ME value of certain ingredients. Thus, it enhances chicken performance.

The importance of pellet quality in poultry feed

Pelletizing process includes breaking of raw materials by adding water as well as heat in the form of steam. The conditioned feed constituents are then crushed into a dense mass and molded. The heat and moisture in the ingredients are controlled with the help of cooling so that the ingredients can bear moderately rough handling without unnecessary breakage. Pellets can then be smashed into minor particles to enable the chickens to eat the feed efficiently.

Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters which are involved in offering poultry feed machines, help the customers to improve the quality and efficiency of chickens feed and hence their behavior and performance. The poultry feed form is considered to have a vital impact on chicken feed intake and finally their growth. While producing broiler feed, the feed form and feed particle size of ingredient, need a significant amount of attention. These days, commercial poultry feed mills are producing many forms of chicken feed for birds.



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