Ways You Can Implement Disaster For A VoIP System

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Disaster recovery plans always help entrepreneurs to take care of the business in case of emergencies. While such a type of plan can be established through the VoIP service provider, here are some methods you can consider to implement the disaster recovery plan.

Remote Access

When you have to vacate a building in case of an emergency, you can always ask your employees to take the VoIP phone system and install it at some other location. This may not be practically possible because it would only be safe for those who attend the phone frequently. With the assumption that the VoIP system would still continue to work fine, remote access can be availed from a web interface. Once they get a backup set of VoIP phones, the employees can configure the settings as per the location and desires. On the other hand, hosted VoIP systems offer an effective way of remote access. Multiple points help during a disaster and allow for communication recovery without bothering about someone to intervene.


Having a site with a backup set of hardware can be always thought about as the best disaster recovery plan. Since geographic boundaries don’t pose to be a restriction for VoIP networks, you can use three protection levels for network redundancy. The vendor should offer the levels and the best option for expanding network resiliency.


During emergencies, it’s critical to have procedures in place. These include call forwarding, and rerouting to another location. Most of the times, the calls are routed to an out-of-state number so that customers don’t have to worry about long-distance charges or the minutes they have spoken over the phone.

Do contact a trustworthy service provider when your team has to make VoIP calls in Philippines.

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