Useful Tips for the Amazing Google Image Search Results

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Useful Tips for the Amazing Google Image Search Results

There is much easier search platform is available for the users than the voice search which can be useful for taking advantages of search criteria’s, and that platform is image search. With the proven research & analysis, it has been discovered that the image search on the Google today is the 2nd most highly utilized search platform after

Searches related to the image can be significant

As per the data released by the well-known research media’s, today the Google images accounts for the number of searches alone excluding the data related to Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook as well as Amazon. Google searches represent 40 times more than the Facebook & 10 times than Bing/Yahoo.

The images that are usually named by the raw file names by default are essentially unlabeled, so we can say that the file name is another example of how the images in your image search are often neglected while optimization of search results. Images can be utilized as a tool in making marketing activities effective for both retail & consumer goods to your business area.

Here are some useful tips to bring better optimization with the Google image searches:-

Better rank is achieved by the images that particularly enhance the user experience

User experience is the strong approach for Google to rank the web pages as per the relevance & quality of search results. As the popularity of image increases, it will get more and more clicks so higher will be a ranking of your site pages. Here are some important tips that one can consider for delivering great user experience with the images:

  • Images should be of good quality & appeal to users.
  • Reducing the file size always doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of an image; you can strip out the irrelevant data with many online tools without degrading the quality.
  • Stock images are easy for users to identify & can be fake/insincere for the users and this thing can make local businesses insecure & unappealing.


For better indexing & ranking optimize the image data, tags, labels as well as descriptors

All the relevant data or data related to the images like labels, descriptors, tags, etc. usually are used by the Google for indexing, so we can say that they play a vital role in clearly identifying what your image is all about & in which context it is used for the Google.

Better the indexing greater will be the ranking in image search results. You should pay attention to the following things while uploading an image for better optimization & greater ranking.

  • Image file name: make the name count
  • Presence of alt tag should be there with right approach
  • Use captions for title & description within the image.


Still, many businesses online fail to optimize the images separately, and in the result, they lose valuable opportunities for promoting their brand or product online in search results. You should spend a good time with images for better SEO.

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