Upper Mustang- Off the beaten path trek

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Upper Mustang- Off the beaten path trek

Mustang (signifying ‘rich land’ in Tibetan) or Upper Mustang is a shape er Kingdom of Lo, which involved domains from Nepal and Tibet. Buddhism is an overwhelming religion in this district, where, the soonest tenants were known to be the disciples of Bon religion, a confidence which originates before Buddhism.

Amid antiquated time, it was utilized as a travel by salt merchants crossing Himalayas. An autonomous kingdom managed by a ruler, it was added to Nepal in 1380, and the regal home came to stop in 2008. The real attractions of Upper Mustang are the Lo Manthang, the last surviving previous ruler, old Tibetan culture and antiques and high-mountain precipices going back thousand years. These mountain holes should be utilized amid wars; to avoid the scope of remote intruders, as a safe house from ailments and later for entombment of the dead. Numbering to 100s these man-made caverns are arranged 13,000 ft over the ground.


“following the antiquated parade exchange course of Nepal/Tibet to Upper Mustang,visiting Buddhist and Bonpo cloisters and intriguing towns, in the place where there is old Tibetan culture and customs, crossing picturesque passes, authentic walled Lo-Manthang, windswept nation an augmentation of Tibetan level”

Gears and Equipment

Combine of climbing boots (well softened up) – One could spend more than 5 to 6 hours per day on the trail, along these lines, dependable boots are fundamental. The boots can run from light to medium, high or low. In the event that one intends to trek amid the months when it snows, the high boots end up plainly fundamental for appropriate climbing.

Delicate and light shoes (tennis shoes) – Carrying light-weight shoes for ‘after the day climb’ serves comfort.

Lightweight rucksack – It is valuable for short excursions far from one’s cabin, and will spare you from conveying substantial knapsack along. It ought to be sufficiently huge to fit a camera, save garments and a resting sack, on the off chance that one intends to spend a night away.

Lightweight dozing pack – Essential amid crest seasons (October-December). Cabins do offer covers, however are rare amid the pinnacle season, along these lines conveying a dozing pack (- 10°C) can be an awesome insurance.

Texture band-helps – Blisters are basic because of thorough strolling. A decent contrasting option to bandaids is conduit tape. Works incredible for rankles and furthermore demonstrates important in numerous different ways.



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