Top 5 Physiotherapists in Vadodara

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Are you looking for a licensed health care physiotherapist who should be humble, understanding and caring towards the patients, and can evaluate and do complete body diagnosis?
Physiotherapy has become an important branch in every medical field, concerned with thorough inspection and treatment of health related disease and disabilities.
On top of everything, a regular body assessment helps any physiotherapist to conclude an extensive diagnosis in no time.
From strengthening and maintaining the muscles and correct posture of body to reducing pain, restore mobility and flexibility; it also helps you retain the maximum body movement.
Below are the top 5 physiotherapists in Vadodara:
1) Dr. Drashti Shah (Physio2fitness)
Contact: 0265-231-4411

– 21 years of experience
– Physiotherapist

2) Dr. Meghna Desai (Riddhi Physiotherapy & Spine Care Center)
Contact: 080-3392-3574 Ext. 881

– 13 years of experience
– Physiotherapist

3) Dr. Bhavin H. Madhavani (Shreeji Physiotherapy Centre)
Contact: 079-3025-7223 Ext. 138

– Masters in Physiotherapy, B.S. Physical Therapy
– 7 years of experience
– Physiotherapist

4) Dr. Sneha Shah(Dhairya Physiotherapy Centre)
Contact: 080-3392-3611 Ext. 409

– 11 years of experience
– Physiotherapist

5) Dr. Ami K. Shah(Ami Hospital)
Contact: 080-3392-3327 Ext. 628

– 7 years of experience
– Physiotherapist

Final Thoughts:
One has to make sure to reach right physiotherapist in order to heal physical disorders and disabilities remarkably.
Below are the evident top-notch points to consider while approaching physiotherapist:

  • One who has perfectly designed physiotherapy studio in Vadodara
  • Can communicate effectively, and helps patients to get rid of musculoskeletal injuries and various neurological problems with utmost care and attention
  • Should be certified and registered physiotherapist
  • Ability to be encouraging, empathetic and firm, plus values quality life and helps you reach maximum peak position in life
  • Has a humble attitude of listening to patients’ problems carefully, plan the treatment and start implementing on them accordingly



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