Tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

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Tips for Annapurna Base Camp Trek

1 – Ask to be a piece of a gathering with your trekking office regardless of the possibility that you are wanting to (or want to) go alone. Appointments in upper Annapurna haven are not ensured on the off chance that you are separated from everyone else. They like to give rooms out to bigger gatherings. Very little of composed appointments are taken in the vast majority of the hotels – most are verbal duties regarding your guide or trekking organization through telephone saying they “will have” the room when you arrive – yet in occupied season the initial ones to arrive with bigger gathering wind up taking your spot. Being of part of a gathering measurements not mean you must be as one with them amid the day essentially as long as you touch base at a similar hotel at a similar night. Assuming the worst possible scenario – you may wind up sharing a 6 to 8 man room. In any case, on the off chance that regardless you like to be all alone calendar – bring a light tent as an arrangement B if the hotels are full.


2 – No compelling reason to freeze about squat toilets – something I got asked regularly by western explorers. The greater part of the hotels in all the ABC trek course have western toilets. On the off chance that yours doesn’t occur to have one – trust on finished to the one that has since the greater part of the cabins are cluttered together inside couple of hundred yards and the greater part of the toilets are shared and are situated outside. On the off chance that you see the hotel woman go about as though you have a place there – if that comes up short slip 50 Rupees charge. Hunching down on a worn out knees of six days a trek resembles getting a root waterway.


3 – Go simple on liquor. Very little choice in any case. Best drink by a long shot (for me) is following – arrange a hot ginger tea and a little container of Nepali dull rum (called “Khukuri Rum” – every one of the cabins convey it) include a couple of sprinkle of it over tea and some sugar. Mellow drink – will warm you up however doesn’t get you excessively tipsy.


4 – Even however the greater part of the hotels have power charging the telephone is an all in or all out because of absence of enough outlets and absence of enough power. Have a battery fueled or sun oriented controlled chargers for your contraptions.


5 – If you have to remain associated get a CDMA sim card (and a CDMA telephone) at KTM. Basically works the distance to MBC/ABC.


  1. Town with best perspective of mountains => Tadapani.


Best place to stop for tea or lunch =>Upper Sinuwa.


Town with best perspective of town itself => Chomrong.


Towns you would rather skip staying => Bamboo and Himalaya (as a result of no view and set number of hotels).


7 – Skip the Poon Hill trek (that everybody appear to do at a young hour in the morning) on the off chance that you are proceeding to Tadapani (which a large portion of you will on the off chance that you are doing ABC). On your approach to Tadapani you move to comparable rise as Poon Hill and get comparative perspective of the Annapurna run in transit.


8 – If you overlooked warm packs – you can utilize your aluminum water can as warm pack when you go to bed. Simply go to the Kitchen with the can and request it to be loaded with heated water.


9 – “Dal/Bhat” Power Rules!!! As you will soon gain from seeing watchmen set away loads of it front their plates – do it at any rate once.


10 – Leave a day or two additional in your agenda. Saw numerous people attempting to crush trek from Chomrong to New Bridge in one day since they need to get the flight and have returned to chip away at Monday some place. Not a wonderful approach to end your excursion.



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