The Difference between Waterproof Flooring and Water Resistant Flooring

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Most industrial surfaces are made of concrete or other sturdy materials that have a long-lasting quality. But with constant exposure to industrial components, grease, and other sticky fluids, the floors can turn slippery and unsafe and take longer to clean. Without the use of adequate floor tiles in these areas, in homes and other commercial establishments, the areas that are regularly wet or slippery can become more so and will be prone to falls if users are not careful. These tiles are one of the only ways to protect these areas, and Tuff Floors Flooring solutions can provide you with a wide variety of different products to suit this purpose.

The Difference between Waterproof Flooring and Water Resistant Flooring

1-Water Resistant Flooring has the following:


Preventing falls with Tile Coverings


Slippery floors in industrial units, bars, and other such work areas prevented by using anti-skid mats that go a long way in protecting against accidental falls.The way to safeguard users is to utilize tiles that allow the surface to become a highly water-resistant floor. Tuff Floors are premium manufacturers of flooring applications and have an excellent variety of sturdy drainage mats made with soft materials that also allow the water to flow freely without collecting in a place, preventing your floors from becoming all the more slippery. Precisely the kind of tile you need to protect your floors from staining and at the same time make it resistant to slips and falls.


Regulatory Standards for your Safety


As per Occupational health and safety standards and the International Slip, Trip and Falls (STF) statistics, Africa also suffer from many injuries that could have prevented if adequate precautions had taken. Do not let your establishment or industrial unit become part of such a statistic. Get a good quality floor manufacturer like Tuff Floors flooring supplier which provides such products to the whole of Africa. Use the resources available to create a superb anti-skid surface for your area.


Variety in Floor Coverings


This manufacturer provides a wide variety of different materials in flooring solutions for various applications. Industrial units will do well with non-slip floor, while homes can use coverings in areas that are prone to be wet most of the time like garden patios or even bathrooms. Commercial establishments can use mats in bar areas. Grassy parking areas and aircraft taxiways will do exceptionally well with soil stabilization tile which helps to reduce soil erosion and gives certain stability to the surface. By making use of these, you can safeguard your flooring to a great extent.


2-waterproof flooring

The flooring you use in your house can play a significant factor in how likely you are to get water damage. There are options in flooring that will waterproof your floor, and there are different kind of sealants you can use. It is always a good idea to prevent yourself from any home repairs because they can cost you a lot of money. You can spend a little more money on your flooring, and it could save you in the future.

The type of flooring also depends on the room you are remodeling. The kitchen will use a different product than the basement, and both should protect. Any room that will be experiencing an excess of moisture should be waterproofed, especially the bathrooms. Bathrooms will also need a coat of waterproof paint due to the steam from showers and the extra moisture exposure.

You have options, you can either by a flooring material that comes waterproof, or you can coat the foundation with a waterproof sealant and put the flooring on top. You can always do both, which may, in fact, be the best solution. You do not want water seeping through the flooring and into anything that may be under the floor. Waterproof Laminate is always a good choice because it is a moisture resistant material and can protect from water damage. The laminate is composed of four layers starting with the transparent coating and has a high-density fiberboard core which absorbs water, preventing it from seeping into the floor. Basements have a few options as well; some products are a soft tile material that is excellent for waterproofing the garage or basement. There is a product called SoftFloors that are very durable and soft tiles that can be laid down on concrete floors. They are lightweight and interlock creating a perfect material for garage and basements.

Not only will adding waterproof flooring to your basement help eliminate water damage, mildew, and mold but it will brighten up your room. You can turn it into an extra family room, entertainment room, or game room. With lighting and proper floors, you can turn that room from a cold dark place no one wants to go to into a fun room where everyone wants to hang out.



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