The Best Locations for Taco Cart Catered Events

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Matching food to place is the new trend in entertaining and event planning. But that might mean picking a menu before finding the place to serve it.

Sometimes a party thrower might first choose a menu before figuring out where the party will be held. We live in a foodie culture where such practices aren’t considered unusual.

But it’s really hard to properly serve duck confite poutine at a beach wedding. You might also choose not to rent out Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica – a place that lends itself to far more surf than turf – to serve New York Strip Steak as the main dish. The venue should match the menu.

A taco catering company will frequently work with corporate event planners and mothers of the brides to work out the best menu ideas for their guests and the location of the event (note the versatility of what exactly goes into gourmet tacos make it particularly adaptable fare). They suggest planners evaluate the venue and the event itself for its ability to take advantage of what a taco menu offers:

Where guests can mingle – The nature of tacos is they allow a less formal, more conversational style of eating where guests can graze through an event. This naturally fosters conversations, networking, and participation in dancing or other activities. Very often business events are designed to promote this kind of interaction, but family events such as weddings or philanthropic social events that might feature fundraising auctions each benefit when guests are up and about (versus sitting at tables). Of course having a margarita bar never hurts in that regard.

Where age and ethnic diversity make up the guest list – A very important characteristic of mobile taco cart catering at parties is the near-universal appeal and flexibility of tacos. Vegetarians can be satisfied just as much as pork and beef lovers with a simple alteration of fillings. Tacos are also equally favored for their cross-cultural appeal, allowing for kimchi and other ethnically inspired ingredients. Nowadays, almost everyone knows how to eat a taco.

Where other types of catering won’t work – Many people hire mobile taco catering companies because a taco cart can be used anywhere a vehicle can tow it. Which can include some awesome outdoor locations. Under those circumstances the taco service is possible because the cart itself is a self-contained kitchen.

Where fun reigns over formality – It is possible to eat a taco with a knife and fork, even if that might seem snobby. But for the most part a taco-catered event would more likely be in a creative or outdoor venue than a hotel ballroom from the Victorian era. That is, unless the theme of the event had something to do with the naughty Victorians, in which case you might invoke Oscar Wilde’s joie de vivre at the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel and a good time will be had by all.

For the most part, it’s a situation of where there’s a will there’s a way. Given the increased popularity of gourmet taco dining that means tacos are a way to broaden one’s options for party locations.



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