Some Essential Tools for Juicing at Home

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Some Essential Tools for Juicing at Home

As hobby chefs, we trust our instincts, our knowledge and curiosity, but we also have to rely on our tools. That’s why we ask the experts to ask the basic tools we need to make our favorite feeds in our kitchens.

Today: Clearly, a juicer is a good start, but other tools will help you get the most out of juice at home. If you have a juicer, Vitamix blender or, along with two other kitchen utensils, fruit juice, vegetables and herbs can be a simple and exciting part of your daily routine. Here are the tools you can use when in the country juicing:



I use my Vitamix every day, usually for smoothies. I also take vegetables in the vitamix and added to dishes like soups; It is a simple way to sneak vegetables in children’s dishes. And the nights when I eat a lot of products, give me sautéed vegetables with olive oil and some broth and then the vitamix for a nutritious and mixed soup. You cannot go wrong with this machine.

Nutribullet and Vitamix personal blender

Indoor herb garden

One of the most interesting parts to make your own juice is to experiment with different ingredients to create unique and original flavors. A herbal garden is inside because it allows you to easily grow herbs right in your kitchen when you are always at hand to add their favorite juice combinations.


Citrus Juicer

Citrus Juicer is ideal for all to make both more than a few ounces of orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime juice. A citrus juicer is ideal for all to make both more than a few ounces of orange, grapefruit, lemon or lime juice. As there are many types of juicers in the market such as electric, commercial, automatic, compact, handmade, stainless steel, vegetable and so on. But manual press citrus juicers are better for the housewives.

Manual Juicer

Citrus can be very mild, especially when juiced pineapples or other fruits. A good way to remedy this is to dilute the juice with spring water or mineral water. For some citrus recipes, celery is a great enrichment of sweetness.



I love my Mezzaluna, a curved stainless steel blade with two handles because it cuts the grass with ease and efficiency. In addition, although it is not essential juice is a great way to make freshly chopped juices or drinks, and the food (I like mine to make chopped salads) herbs.


Fruit and vegetable distribution networks

Suppliers of online products are the perfect tools to make sure you always have seasonal fruits and vegetables to make delicious juice. Summer land is a service in Los Angeles that offers fresh products right at the doorstep. (Good Eggs is another service, Los Angeles and other cities.



Juicing and mixing goes much faster if you have cut all the ingredients prematurely. Investing in quality knives so their employees can quickly and prepare any food safely.



For the quick elimination of fruit bowls such as oranges, lemons and limes, with peeler hand you are also required. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of juice while the employees use their hands or knives to try to peel the fruits of the hard skin.


Cutting boards

Cutting boards to protect their surfaces to keep damaged fruit slippage, and make it much easier to clean. They want to invest in different sizes cutting tables, and you want to make sure they are easy to clean and durable. With all the fruits and vegetables that are cut to your employees, cutting and chopping quality is necessary.


Measuring cups

Unless you are offering a bar “anything he can offer” before distribution food will be essential to cut costs and make things go smoothly and quickly.

Even if your employees are good to check quantities, have a few batteries of hand cups measure, is a great way to ensure that the staff before portioning are the right amounts. Food scales are well suited for this purpose.



Spoon, tongs and ice scoops

No one wants fruits, vegetables, ice cream that your employees had their thumb throes during frequent hand washing is always necessary to have a lot of ice spoons, spoons, a pair of tongs and spoons, or drink in their hands, their health is considered good products to obtain.

When it comes to purchasing equipment and accessories for business juice bar, you will consider the cost and benefits of each. Fortunately, each of these juice bar five essential instruments is very cheap and very much value in return. Keep your operation running smoothly, low costs and clean products with the juice bar five essential instruments.

Above all these tools are very useful and best for user. If you are a fan of juice and want to make juice at home, then citrus juicer would be great as a juice maker!



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