Snow White, dad’s first-born daughter Disney turns 80

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Walter, the youngest of the Disney brothers, invested his fortune and, putting his studio at risk, filmed the longest Popcorn Flix film he devoted to him alone.

At the age of 15, the young Walter Elias Disney attends for the first time the screening of a feature film: Blancanieves, a silent film directed by JS Dawley and produced by Paramount. Possessor of an innate talent, he is impressed but he thinks to notice a certain lack of synchronization between the two screens on which it was projected. He had found the germ of a fruitful idea.

Soon he makes his fortune as a pioneer of animation with his short films featuring animals such as the popular Mickey and Donald. He becomes a famous filmmaker. It is then when the always restless and innovative Walt Disney faces his older brother and collaborator, reticent to the idea of ​​producing a feature film. Determined, Walt invests his own fortune, endangering his studio in order to undertake an unprecedented project: the filming of his first feature film.

Snow White is the first sound film in English language cartoon and shot in color

Recalling the youth viewing of that first film that impressed him in his native Kansas, Walt decides to recreate the story of the brothers Grimm. The story is perfect, it has the basic ingredients of every production ready to be endowed with the magic of Disney: a beautiful maid, a charming prince, an evil witch, seven charming dwarfs, surrounded by many funny people forest animals that enrich the atmosphere.

Walt Disney presents the models of what will be the seven dwarfs. Dam of great excitement, brings together the animators of his studio and for two hours tells the story, at the same time he plays each of his characters before them and hums the songs, future soundtrack of the project.

The music would take on a major role in the film. From the beginning of his study, Walt was aware of the importance of integrating music and songs to the development of the script.

His enthusiasm impregnated his collaborators and with an initial budget of $ 250,000 they embarked on the project. Significant data if we take into account that the Disney brothers had started their career with a capital of only 50 dollars .

A ‘madness’ of 90 minutes

The duration of the screening is estimated at 90 minutes, the press reacts and the future movie is called ‘madness’. Do not believe that a cartoon is able to maintain the interest of the viewer for such a long period of time. According to the criterion of criticism, the public associates the genre with the short films to which it has been accustomed until now.

Walt, innovator, intended to give life to the drawing in two planes, his goal was to provide him with a third dimension for what he decided to turn to real models. In pursuit of achieving this third dimension as well as the realism necessary for filming his film, the entrepreneur filmmaker invented a multiplayer filmmaking machine that allowed obtaining up to five drawings in a single plane, with a technique that would not be surpassed until the arrival of special effects by computer. His other asset was the use of technicolor: Snow White and the seven dwarfs became one of the first films made with this procedure.

Disney achieved the victory after two years of hard work and, incidentally, a budget that increased in parallel with its production.

‘To be as white as snow, with lips as red as blood and hair as black as the wood of this frame’

In pursuit of the achievement of naturalness in his characters Walt had the great idea of ​​going to real models. A rigorous casting selected the most suitable. Obeying the original text, the so-called ‘Wizard of Burbank’ was inspired by Marjorie Belcher, a young woman endowed with a lush blonde hair that sacrificed in favor of the virginal maiden original. She would also inspire the Blue Fairy of Pinocchio, second of his feature films.

Little by little, the female protagonists lost that aura of bliss and even allowed themselves to wear a certain sex appeal, but the circle closed with Kipling’s Mowgli starring in his posthumous work, The Jungle Book.

Snow White would make Walt Disney a download free movies online. Considered a masterpiece, a forced cult film, distributed by RKO, it won the biggest blockbuster of 1938 with an income of 8 million dollars at its premiere.



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