Role of Milk and Dairy Products in Human Health

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The importance of Milk and other dairy products like Ghee, Butter, etc. is widely known and cannot be denied. Milk and dairy products are great sources of protein and calcium and can form part of a healthy, balanced and happy diet. Consuming dairy products like Milk and Ghee on a regular basis provides many health benefits to the human health especially resulting in improved bone health. All the foods and eatables that come under the umbrella of the dairy category provide vital and important nutrients for health and the maintenance of the over all body. There is no doubt that milk and other dairy products play an important role in human life.

The importance of milk and other dairy products in human life.

We all are aware of the benefits and nutritional importance of the dairy products but there can be a huge variation in the total fat content of dairy products. It is very important to make healthier choices when it comes to your and your loved one’s health. Most of the time, it is observed that the fat in milk and dairy foods is often a saturated fat. This, when consumed in regular yet in limit, can be very healthy for older children and adults. But when there’s eating too much of such saturated fat, there are the chances of getting overweight. Moreover, A diet high in saturated fat from improperly pasteurized milk and other dairy products can also lead to a considerable rise in the level of cholesterol in the blood, which can result in heart attack and even stroke.

Hence it is very important to choose a healthier option for your health. Always go for properly pasteurized and good quality milk and other dairy products. While buying the milk and other dairy products, always consider looking at the nutrition information on the label for the amount of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar it may contain and is it properly pasteurized or is it merely some local milk? The milk plays an important role in the growth and the development of our young children and so it is very necessary to be extra careful while selecting the milk and other dairy products.

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