Pre Wedding Photoshoot: A intimate affair!

Friday 22nd, June 2018 / 11:54 Written by

As you know this is the world of Instagram now, so the weddings are all about the right photographs. If you are going to get married soon then I am 100% sure that you are excited about your pre wedding photoshoot.

Pre wedding photoshoots are the best when they are successful in capturing the essence of the lovely couples. To get the perfect loving moments, you can explore your interests as lovers and leave in on the photographer into your shoot. And fortunately we live in a world where we can achieve everything when it comes to photography.

If you are a couple wondering what to do we have some great ideas picked up for your pre wedding shoot:

Have you ever heard of miniature photoshoots? They are goofy and adorable, and let me say something mumbaikars are goofy and adorable. So if you are the great couple in mumbai this pre wedding photoshoot in Mumbai is going to be super special and unique.

Psst…Are you an animal lover? Then obviously you know the significance of the four legged furry faces, and they will just increase the cuteness of your pre wedding photoshoot.

Are you like the filmy keeda? Then why not make your pre wedding shoot totally filmy? Pick an amazing movie and recreate it and cherish it forever!

The nature is what drives you? Then take some cakes and wine, spend the day on the grass like a picnic. The perfect lighting and then the perfect you!

Well what is the better combination then books and bookworms? Get clicked around books or better get clicked in a huge library. Ahh the fairytale!

If PDA us your thing then if the sappy couple and look into each other’s eyes and capture your intimacy in your pre-wedding shoot. Perfectly steamy!

Okay if you love the rain, and believe in how gorgeous the rain is then select that! Get clicked in the beautiful rainy season! Where the love is in the air!

WhatKnot can give you the best pre wedding photoshoot in Mumbai. The way you like it!




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