Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right Water Pump

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Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right Water Pump

It is accepted fact that the water is an essential commodity in life. In every bodily function from digestion to circulation through to the control of body temperature and the excretion of waste products, water is prominent to be pumped throughout bodies to support our organs and functions. It is prominent for the existence of life on earth, and without water, it will be hard for plants, animals and humans to survive any longer.

This guide is about choosing the right water pump for your usage, and transporting water and other types of fluids from one point to the other point to ensure you never have to short for anything.

So by far, there are many application of water pump in daily lives. It is also used in industrial, residential as well as commercial purposes.

The fact is water is not necessarily going to flow at the right place at the right time. To suffice the deal, we need something to have water flowing in. That is where water pump comes into the picture. Water pump is an equipment to drain water by converting electrical input into a mechanical one.

Companies such as CRI, BTALI, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBI), Texmo and Grundfos have been the leading players in water pump industry to serve customers long and wide.

Below are the finest points to consider when choosing the right water pump:

  • Should come with easy starting and reliable performance
  • Must be a cooler, cleaner, and more fuel-efficient
  • Can be easy for hose installation with more connection options
  • Look for engines with an OHV design
  • Should offer 90-degree twist to release the plug

About Us:

We at Ess-Kay Pumps produce efficient pumps and pumping systems to provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to various customers for application in the industrial, domestic and agricultural segment.

Heavily invested in designing and development of water pumps, we are dedicated to improving the efficiency of our products to assure highest and consistent quality.

Our view to in-line with ISO standards, we also produce water pumps for agricultural and home usages.

Let’s get together to discuss your requirement today to ensure we serve you with utmost care and attention.



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