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With the help of VoIP, talking over the long distance or you could even say that the international calls have been made easier as well as cheaper. When you call with the internet you will use IP packets so that you can transmit voice, image, and video through the single channel only. The main communication that is established between the sender and the receiver is based on the digital form of communication.

Therefore in order to perform this, it requires the operation of coding as well as decoding of signals before it is sent to the IP network from either side. When it is expressed in the digitally compressed format over the internet then it reduces the cost and at the same time increases productivity enhancement.

The VoIP industry has come up with the service provider that delivers its client with the top class VoIP solution and that also without making a large investment, like:

• PC to phone solution

• Callback service

• Calling card

• SMS delivery solutions

• IP PBX solutions

The advantage of the VoIP telephony solution has revealed their presence in the various aspects of the industry like businesses, residential user, and the corporate executive. Moreover, the VoIP solutions vary depending upon the size, requirement and the main concern that is the operation of the business enterprise. Therefore when you are on the way to select the best VoIP solution look for one that gives the best voice quality service, and also 24/7 technical support and last but not the least an efficient network security.

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