Latest Ophthalmologist Jobs in UK

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Latest Ophthalmologist Jobs in UK

The medical professional specialized in curing and treating the disease caused in eyes are known as ophthalmologist. They study the structure, working and the diagnosis of the eyes and it’s other portions. They need not to be confused with the optometrist as both of there working is quite different.

Optometrist studies optometry (measuring and prescribing corrective lenses and detecting eye diseases) whereas the ophthalmologist deals with the treatment of the eye diseases and perform major operation and surgeries in terms of treatment.

Diseases and Treatments

There are number of diseases and disorders that affects our eyes and are cured and medicated by the ophthalmologist through medicines or surgeries. Some of them are glaucoma, CMV retinitis, strabismus and cataract etc.

They are treated by the ophthalmologist on the professional basis by medicines and surgeries like laser eye surgery, corneal surgery, refractive surgery, eye removal surgery and many other laser treatments.

Duties and Responsibilities

The foremost duty of the ophthalmologist is to diagnose and examine the disease of the patient and providing all the rapid cure required or needed. The other responsibilities include:

  • Investigating the disease of the patient on the highest possible aspect to provide the best possible outcome or result. An ophthalmologist should have a outpatient and should always be available for the emergency patients.
  • Time to time ward inspection to examine the state of the patient and there medical or clinical needs.
  • Working with the nurses and other staff members in the cooperative method to ensure a well team work.
  • Educating and aware people for the best eye care and prevention form the disease.
  • Consulting and collaborating with the other consultant for the surgeries and treatment.
  • Certifying the blind patients who are legalized and ensured.

Eligibility to Become Ophthalmologist

For applying the ophthalmologist jobs in the hospitals the applicant must have a degree in medicine registered and affiliated by the GMC ( general medical council), the comradeship training of two or three years specialized in ophthalmology. All the certificate must be strictly registered by GMC. The applicant must have a legal agreement of working in the country without any criminal record.

Salary –

The salary of ophthalmologist ranges from 44,000 euros to about 143,000 euros where the average salary is predicted to be about 86,542 euros per year.

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