Know about the application of T60006-L2016-W403 and T60006-L2040-W424

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Nanocrystalline VITROPERM has the excellent material properties that help common mode chokes having a high impedance with a lesser number of turns that results in decreased copper losses, excellent HF performance, and low winding capacitance. Because of the greater initial permeability, a low Q-factor and reduced winding capacitance e VITROPERM CMCs provide a broadband insertion loss curve (ranging from 10 kHz up to many MHz) and enhanced reduction performance at both high and low frequencies than standard ferrite chokes with identical core dimensions and similar windings.

Uses of T60006-L2016-W403 Vacuumschmelze Current Sensors apply shapeless field indicator technique that makes the sensor more precise and enhances the linear performance with varying temperature too. Better reduction characteristics and an increased operating temperature range enable a decrease of the constituent volume by a factor of around 3 or high under identical circumstances. It is important to notice that the intersection loss curve of the minor VITROPERM choke is identical to that of ferrite substances at frequencies of up to 600 kHz – 1 MHz and is higher below 500 kHz. The brilliant reduction of VITROPERM CMCs streamlines the filter design in a huge frequency range. VAC delivers multiple sample kits with chosen standard chokes and cores for the lab test.

Ferrite To roids T60006-L2040-W424 Cores are fabricated with a tape twisted nanocrystalline substance that shows greater permeability as compared to ferrite cores. VITROPERM permeability ranges between(25,000 – 100,000) or more as compared to (5,000- 15,000) for ferrites. When an optimized winding arrangement is carefully chosen, the nanocrystalline core material with the higher permeability offers superior properties at the low, middle and high-frequency range. The VITROPERM Cores from VAC are surrounded in a plastic casing which is appropriate for direct winding and provides better mechanical protection of the nanocrystalline core substance. It allows the top magnetic features and greater permeability levels to be maintained.

VITROPERM T60006-L2040-W424 are available with multiple AL-levels for many core sizes. Standard type chokes having toroidal tape coiled cores of VITROPERM enable the efficient reduction of irregular and conducted greater frequency noise.

Have look on the some of the most important features of VITROPERM-
 It is prepared with nanocrystalline material for greater permeability.
 It is available in different AL-levels for different core sizes
 It is enclosed in plastic cases which are appropriate for direct winding. It provides good mechanical safety of the nanocrystalline core substance.

Use of T60006-L2016-W403

It can be used in solar inverters, EMC filters, switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power supplies, welding equipment, inductive cooking, wind generators and frequency converters.

The plastic cases are highly appropriate for direct winding and provide better mechanical protection of the nanocrystalline core substance. This allows the top magnetic characteristics and greater permeability ranges to be maintained. Extra winding protection is noncompulsory for heavy weight wire windings, where there may be a risk of core harm. The plastic materials adhere to the standards UL94-V0 class B (130 °C) and UL94-V0, class F (155 °C).



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