Kerala, The Land Of Exotic Activities Where Couples Could Make Memories

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Kerala, The Land Of Exotic Activities Where Couples Could Make Memories

A honeymoon is one of the most remembered and cherished moments in a person life. Most of the couples spend a fortune to celebrate their special moments together while there are a number of better options which are cheap and affordable. A honeymoon is not just about luxury and candlelight dinners, it is all about being together and knowing each other. Kerala to the southernmost tip of the country is one of the best and most scenic honeymoon destinations. The state is known as a paradise for honeymooners and couples due to innumerable tourist destination available in the state which is perfect for couples. There are a number of ways in which couples could celebrate their honeymoon. Being a state known to be the couple’s paradise, Kerala houses a number of travel operators like Holiday Mango Travel who offers the best honeymoon tour packages which contain a number of attractions. Most of the couples visiting Kerala, either tour to the beautiful hill stations or the complex backwaters destinations of the land. Other than scenic destinations and waterfalls, Kerala is a land with more things to be explored and experienced. Apart from just sightseeing, there are a number of things that couples could enjoy in the land with natural beauty. Some of such activities that would help honeymooners make their day special are listed below.

Backwater Cruise, A Romantic Getaway


Kerala is a land with a number of backwater stretches. It is not just the beauty of the water that attracts the couples and honeymooners to this scenic destination. The backwater cruises offered in the complex inland waters of Kerala are said to be the best part when it comes to a romantic tour in the waters. The complex waters house a number of houseboats which offers the best services. A romantic backwater tour and a stay in the houseboat is one thing that couples would love to enjoy in Kerala. The beauty of the moonlit waters, green paddy fields, and the backwater villages add to the beauty and ambiance of a romantic honeymoon in Kerala.

Treetop Stays, One Step Closer To The Wild


Hill stations and wildlife destinations are one of the main attractions for couples visiting Kerala. Treetop stays are one of the main attractions for the couples visiting the wildlife destinations in Kerala. There are a number of travel operators in Kerala that would arrange the best stay in the wildlife destinations of Kerala. One of the main attractions of a treetop stay is the view that it provides the forest and the privacy and the peacefulness that the couples could enjoy. Far from the loud noise and pollution of the city, a treetop stay is one of the best choices for couples who wish to celebrate their honeymoon in the lap of nature. The beauty of the saffron sky, sunset and sunrise add to the beauty of the honeymoon trip.

Camping, Door To The Beauty Of Nature


It is mostly the hill stations of Kerala which are known as the best honeymoon destinations due to the scenic beauty and the cool climate of the places camping in the hill stations of Kerala is one of the best ways in which you could enjoy the true beauty of the hill stations in Kerala. Completely peaceful and undisturbed by humans most of the camping spots are located to remote tourist destinations like the viewpoint in Munnar. Most of the foreign couples visiting the hill stations of Kerala to enjoy a honeymoon opt to camp so as to enjoy the climate, beauty and the night sky of the place. The cool wind, the beauty of the valley and the freezing climate are all perfect for an exotic honeymoon.


Kerala being a state that houses a number of different attractions is one of the best honeymoon spots for couples where they could cherish the best memories being together. One of the main attractions for couples in Kerala is the location of the honeymoon destination which is mostly far from the city and noise. The state also offers the travellers with a number of entertainment activities like a houseboat ride, treetop stay, trekking, hiking, camping and more which couples could enjoy together.





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