Keep Your Dental Health Good By These 7 Tips

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Keep Your Dental Health Good By These 7 Tips

Dental health is vital to our overall health and good living. If our teeth are not in good state or are missing then the eating habits get affected because we have to avoid many types of foods due to our inability to chew them properly. This is no ordinary inconsistency because in effect it leads to poor nutrition and the overall decline of the health of the entire body. Therefore the modern society has developed a basic code of oral hygiene and dental care and this is taught since childhood. However, most of us fail to adapt to the core recommendations and take our teeth for granted.

According to our team of dentists at Swastik Dental Care one of the best dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, most of us are not even aware of proper brushing style and therefore fail to respond to good oral hygiene requirements. This leads to the development of various conditions and diseases. However, it is always better to adopt the good habits before it is too late! We at Swastik Dental Care, which is a renowned dentist in Bhosari, Pune has offered the following 7 tips and counsels to keep up the dental health.

1. Brush twice daily

Dental experts recommend that every person should brush twice a day. However, we find that very little number of people actually consider this advice and most are in the habit of brushing only in the morning. Brushing two times ensures that the unhealthy plaque where the bacteria breed freely is not accumulated in the mouth, thus reducing the chances of decay and infection drastically.

2. Flossing is a good complement of brushing

 Flossing is an adjunct of brushing and it helps to clear out the food particles that get trapped in between the teeth and near the gum line. These particles, if not removed serve as the actively available food for the bacteria to feed upon and thus multiply in number. Hence, it is advised to at least floss once a day after brushing.

3. Regularly visit your dentist

 Everyone is afraid of visiting a dentist and we all seek excuses to avoid or delay the visit. However, the regular visit is important from the point of view that the dentist can find any signs of potential disease development and hence proper treatment can avert the condition.

4. Maintain a healthy nutrient rich diet

 Teeth and gum tissue also require nutrients rich food and unhealthy diet patterns can lead to deficiencies. Dentists recommend vitamin C rich foods for healthy gums; while calcium rich foods are advised to keep the teeth fit and strong.

5. Stop smoking

 Smoking poses a major and fundamental risk for the development of periodontal diseases. Smoking reduces the overall immunity of the body and hence the ability to fight off the infections is compromised. This increases the dental and gum decay in the mouth.

6. Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids

 Noted dentist in Pimpri Chinchwad advises that everyone should drink plenty of water because it helps keep the saliva formation in the mouth optimized. Proper formation of saliva helps in regular flushing of the bacteria and plaque and the gum decay is kept under control.

7. Avoid certain foods which tend to increase risk of dental problems

 Everyone, especially children should avoid foods like the chocolates, chips & sticky sugary food items and raw sugary stuff which get clogged in the inter-teeth spaces and gums &cause decay.



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