Is Your Home Suffering From a Pigeon Infestation?

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With the endless possibilities of dreaming big, a house is a place to live in with family and friends.

It is a place to share beautiful memories and moments together.

It is also a place to build future wealth and prosperity at hand.

So, from eliminating the stinky culprits to using carpet freshener, cleaning and inspecting chimneydesigning home interioroutdoor and its renovation on timely manner, we always want to make sure we organize and keep every possessions at home systematic.

This is the guide to understanding a pigeon infestation on how it can affect your home living, along with amazing solutions to get rid of them in no time.

Here is why they suck:

They are the perfect disease carriers, and harbor dozens of different parasites and infectious diseases

Would you love dealing with any of such situations?

Do you think if they can create huge mess for humankind and wellbeing as well? The reason why a pigeon infestation is bad is that they spread serious disease through their entrance.

So, it is always told to use best practices to keep them away from your home.

They make your property dirty

Your home is the most beautiful place than anything else.

It is also the source of attracting neighbors. Along with inculcating your value in the society, would you want them to dirty your property as hard as possible? It’s fact — No one wants!

They are direct source of contamination as their dropping spread dormant bacteria and fungi

Wondering if their dropping spread dormant bacteria and fungi because they often travel long distance?

That’s the truth. It happens and causes severe issues as well. So, would you like such a situation to affect your home environment?

Knowing the fact that bacteria and fungi lead to dangerous issues for humankind, keeping them away is the best option.

Solutions worth of switching:

If not possible, no one is going to invest lots of efforts to head off or eradicate such invaders. And, it’s certainly a fact that dealing with any such conditions discussed above would make people feel weird too.

Along these lines, everyone needs something that reduces the risk of invasion, pest and damaging birds to think, feel and act independently at home.

Therefore, it is always suggested to use precautions because it is also about your family.

Pigeono is the company to look for robust solutions:

  1. Pigeono Spikes

Pigeono Spike has been designed to help you decrease and suppress pest levels. Whether controlling pests is an enormous task, or not, their spike technology will surely help you give the complete stop to birds and pests from landing on rooftop, edges, window and ledges.

Due to economic, safe to install and non-corrosive nature, it works superbly as an artificial barrier that is zero-degradable material too. For more details

2) Bird Netting

Bit netting comes with high-quality pest control and management technique. It helps you to control, prevent and eliminate both household and structural pests and birds from entering bridges, underpass, stadiums, crops and gardens efficiently.

So, to optimize the management of pest control practices, and live safely at home, bird netting is worth switching to, long and wide. For more details

3) PVC Strips

From the help of combined techniques that include habitat manipulation and pest control, “PVC Strips” is not like “See and Spray Approach”. You might have used different resistant varieties and modifying cultural practices to prevent unwanted invaders, but “PVC Strips” works superb.

Along with keeping the dust at bay, it significantly works as a great bird and pest repellent.

Pigeono offers wide range of such curtains that are simple, and easy to clean to the greatest degree. For more details



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