Introducing top Indian Cuisines to Satisfy Taste-buds on the Go

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Introducing top Indian Cuisines to Satisfy Taste-buds on the Go

It’s a sure fact that spices build up flavor. On top of everything, how about a food that is delicious, and perfect to the fullest? In addition to it, how about starting your day by spreading the goodness of health and happiness with Lamb Rogan Josh, Punjabi Goat Curry as well as Lamb Korma?

The best part is – You can manage to restore your energy, and satisfy your weekend hunger to the most. So, it is a fine time to discuss why Lamb Rogan Josh, Punjabi Goat Curry as well as Lamb Korma would be a complete health package for your family!

Lamb Rogan Josh

Much loved, truly lip-smacking as well as classic Rogan Josh Curry comes with all your favorite spices such as Cumin, Coriander as well as Turmeric. Essentially, it is cooked in medley of spiced gravy, and rich Tomato Sauce and Tender Chunks of Organic Tofu are also added in order to absorb all those delicious flavors at the same time.

In addition to it, it can be served with fiery chili rice to rejuvenate entire dining experience.

Lamb Rogan Josh can be served with:

  • Flavorsome rice with Fresh Cucumber Salad
  • Curry Pasta
  • Naan Bread
  • A rich Tomato & Onion Sauce with Green Cardamom & Paprika

So, would you like to spend and spice up your vacation with family by eating at Saffron Orlando Restaurant?

Punjabi Goat Curry

Hot and buttery Punjabi Goat Curry is a delightful blend of spice, tastes amazing, and is perfect for having with delicious and lip-smacking flavors. This remarkable, mildly spiced authentic and flavorful recipe is prepared using Mutton Pieces, using Ghee in a Fry Pan.

It has been hailed from the Northern Part of India. How about combining it with some lemon and pickled chili? Would it set the stage for your dining experience? To be frank – you would love it. It is an addictive and ultra-comfort level food to try at our Saffron Orlando Restaurant.

Punjabi Goat Curry can be served with:

  • Hot & Crispy Tandoori Roti (Is a popular Indian flatbread made in Tandoor; a round clay oven)
  • Gluten-free Naan Bread
  • Square layered Parathas (A flat, thick piece of unleavened bread fried on a griddle)
  • Hot rice

Our Punjabi Goat Curry is a taste sensation, prepared from hand-chosen tiniest hint of Punjabi spices and flavors to warm your soul. It has become a new crowd favorite for our guests, and the fact is it comes with Chilies, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Turmeric as well as Garam Masala.

How about a splendid table, along with assorted bread such as Garlic Naan as well as Kulcha, plus condiments included Mango Chutney and Carrot Pickle? You can also have Punjabi Goat Curry on the bone braised in a traditional curry sauce, and with a bowl rice rounds. So, do visit us today, and let us serve you with best dining experience.

Lamb Korma

With all the myriad flavors having a spicy jig on tongue, Lamb Korma is always more than a recipe. It consists of Marinated Meat or Vegetables that are further cooked with Ghee or Oil, and then braised with Water, Stock, Yogurt or Cream to make sure it tastes more delectable, and become a lovely food prefer by everyone.

Going in-depth – It has been originated from Indian Subcontinent and it is no wonder it is popular in every Indian cooking, and love by people across the world so much!

This finger-licking recipe goes well with Naan, Parathas or Rice that is full of flavor and spices.

So, are you a lover of Lamb Korma? How about your kids, do they love too? More on it, if you haven’t planned anything for dinner and want to reach for Lamb Korma to replicate your energy, then do visit us at SaffronOrlando Restaurant.

Along the lines, it will be super amazing to surprise your little ones with this great retreat too. We would serve your family with delicious, mouth-watering and heart-melting recipe, full of spices. And, about Lamb Korma, no worries, it will go down well for your dinner schedule too.

Lamb Korma can be served with:

  • Butter Chicken (Is an Indian Sub-continental dish, and Chicken is marinated in a Mildly Spiced Tomato Sauce)
  • Garlic Naan
  • Samosas (Is a fried dish with a savory filling, such as Spiced Potatoes , Onions, Peas or Lentils)
  • Unadorned rice
  • Biryani (Is an aromatic and authentic Indian Dish, comes with succulent Chicken in layers of fluffy rice, spices and caramelized onions)

Final Thoughts:

From providing our customers with contemporary fine dining, unmatched in quality and distinct twists, we give personalized touches to our food to make it winning and loveable. If you are looking for the best Indian Restaurant right here in Orlando, we cordially welcome you to SaffronOrlando Restaurant. We use a blending of India’s finest culinary techniques, resulting in the most exciting, innovative and flavorsome Indian Cuisines.

We always make sure that we serve our customers with best-in-class service, and offer clarity and harmony by serving great authentic food to satisfy taste-buds.

So, if you are a person who loves an authentic Indian dishes, we really take the honor to serve you with eclectic Indian Cuisines to the most.



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