Important Road Rules You Should Know Before Driving in London

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Driving Rules in London

Driving in London is on the right side while overtaking is done on the left side. Since London is a vast country, there can be small differences in driving lessons, rules & regulations from province to province. It is important to know some of the basic rules, routes, places to rest and places to refuel the car before starting the journey on those four-wheels. One of the main causes of accidents in London is Fatigue. While London has some of the spectacular wildlife, No one will wish to run into them on the road so it’s always better and advisable to stay vigilant while driving.

Every province in London has slightly different rules for driving and their punishments also vary to some extent. It is very important to know the basics before you put your hands on that wheel. One Way Driving School is the place where you can learn more about driving and understand the traffic rules and other important driving laws. Some of the must known road rules in London are given below:

Minimum Driving Age: In some provinces, you only have to be 14 to be able to drive but elsewhere in London, the minimum age is 16. Some car companies may insist you to be 21 years old or with a minimum of a year’s experience.

Seat Belt: The driver and all the passengers in board must wear seat belts whilst the car is moving. The fine amount varies with the provinces.

Drink and Drive: Canadian drink and drive laws are very strict. In some provinces, the limit is 80mg per 100ml of blood while some provinces lowers it to even 50mg. Each province of London has slightly different punishments but they all are harsh.

Important Documents: The most important is, of course, your driving license. Another important document you will need to carry is the proof of insurance. It can be either a valid insurance certificate or a green card.

Speed Limits: Canadian Distances are marked in kilometers. In most of the provinces, the speed limits are 50 km/h in town, 80 km/h on highways and 100 km/h on rural freeways/highways.

Safety Camera Warning Devices: Safety camera warning devices are illegal in London.

On the Spot Fines: Traffic violations in London are dealt with by ticket and pay the fine or go to court. In some provinces, there can be on spot fines for minor infringements but they are not common.

Child Safety Rules: It is mandatory to use approved child safety seat for children under forty pounds.

Insurance: While driving in London, A minimum of third party insurance is compulsory.
Speed Cameras Speed cameras are banned in two provinces of London i.e. British Columbia and Ontario.

Mobile Phones While Driving: While driving in London, mobiles phones can only be used with the hands-free kit.

Parking: Parking in London is quite straightforward and you can park almost everywhere in the direction of the traffic. Parking Instructions are also provided everywhere.

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