How to secure your house from birds?

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The birds can bring color and glamour to your yard, but they can also be annoying. They eat plants, perch in trees and spread dangerous droppings. There is a number of ways or bird control products you can choose from to protect your home or building from bird annoyance. But, you need to keep one thing in mind that all wild birds are protected under laws like the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Hurting any bird can put you into trouble. Thus, it is important to opt for most bird-friendly, humane yet effective methods to keep them away from your building.

Installing a physical barrier is the best method to discourage birds to land in the building. Bird net is one of the ideal bird repellent products that will aid homeowners to keep the perching birds away. In your garden or yard, you can hang the bird net from the leaves or branches creating a 45-degree angle. This prevents them from entering into their favorite place and will force them to fly away. The bird net in the garden should be fitted before the swallows reach. It can be easily removed when they leave and can be installed again.

There are many visual bird control products which can be added to the infested area. These products involve reflective scare eye diverters, flash tape, and solar sonic diverters.

Follow these bird deterrent tips to keep birds away-

  • Water: If you have any open water source, birds like geese, sparrows will likely find it. Remove or cover the water to keep birds away.
  • Food: Cover the plants that grow berries or other fruits with fine metal netting. You can ask your local wildlife service that kind of seed they won’t eat.
  • Control resources: Food, water or shelter, all these attract birds to your property. The easiest way to remove annoyance is to eliminate all these sources.
  • Branches: You can keep the birds away from bushes and trees by pruning them often to remove the shelter birds hunt for.
  • Use scare tactics: Scaring is another bird deterrent method, no matter they have made your property their home. The bird repellent products such as effigies or flags that move in the wind are the cheapest way yet most effective to scare birds. Loud noise, flashing lights, and dogs are also helpful in scaring the birds but they are more expensive tactics.
  • Local help: Bird control needs patience, experimentation, and often, spending. If the bird infestation in your building or home is too difficult to manage on your own, it would be advisable to contact your local animal control or pest control service provider.

To control the bird infestation completely, it needs more than just taking out the nests. When you clean the infested area, make sure to clean as well as disinfect. It makes it little difficult for them to find that area again. But, by cleaning and disinfecting you are ensuring the diseases and germs will not be persisting around.




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