How to Make Your Staff Feel Native to Your New App?

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The celebration is over. You’ve successfully launched your new app. You firmly believe that the new app will help streamline your processes, increase the productivity, and curb the mercurial waste of resources and time. But, that’s the ideal condition which often doesn’t meet.

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In order to make your new app a success, you would need to let each of your Android app development company’s employees feel familiar and native to it. Your employees won’t be able to convey the significance of the app to your customers if they themselves don’t know much about it.

Hence, the earlier you train your staff about the app, the better. Here are some crucial steps to take to ensure a quality staff training:

Step 1: Start with the Leery Employees

You may be are well aware of the fact that the primary reasons behind your business’ slow growth are lack of communication and synchronization from one entity to another.

Not everyone welcomes instant changes. And some of your employees will probably feel intrinsically reluctant when it comes to adhering to new technologies or changes. They are happy and satisfied with their status quo.

You would need to devote a big amount of your attention to these employees, telling and informing them about the importance of the new app such as higher productivity, revenue, direct feedback loop and happier customers.

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Step 2: Make Your Staff Training Customized

Techno-geeks and techno-haters are always present is firms. The former wouldn’t imagine a day without their latest big-screened devices. In contrast, there would be people who don’t want to upgrade their 4 year old basic phones.

Regardless of what scale of Android app development service in USA do you own, organizing a combined training of these two groups of people will surely be a disaster. Hence, divide your training staff according to the level of their everyday interaction with technology.

Step 3: Make it Fun

If learning is fun, it becomes a light-hearted activity that doesn’t burden your employee’s brains with an must-be-followed order to digest. Rather than trying to complete the training quickly, make it slow but interesting.

In addition, reward the employees who have comprehended the app’s functionality really well and got more customers to download it. The reward could be a gift, a salary perk or a recognition.

Getting people, even your employees to do something that is beneficial for your company is a task full of hassle. However, the above three steps will ensure an unexpected success to bring the most out of the new app.




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