How to keep your home protected from birds?

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Pest birds can prove to be a big nuisance when they have decided to invade your home. They can cause as much damage to your home as more obvious pests. They also spread the virus through their droppings, thus, also cause the health issue. It can be a big pain having birds fly into your home.They easily start nesting in or around your home. These days, many different varieties of bird control devices are available in the market. Pigeon spikes are one of the most popular pigeons control devices.
Bird nests can also block or clog gutters, drains or downspouts. This can lead to major damage to the roof.As birds often carry pathogens which can cause a range of infectious diseases and parasites. See below what you can do to control birds at your home-
Bird Removal Methods
Depending on the intensity of bird infestation, different bird control or bird prevention methods may be more effective. Here are some common and effective bird repellent methods that could aid you to get rid of those annoying birds.
Trapping: Using a trap and some food, you can successfully catch the birds trapped inside the roof of your house. Once you catch them, be sure what to do with them!
Bird spike: It acts as a most effective bird repellent technique. Pigeon spikes are easy to install and also a cost-effective way to keep your home protected from pest birds. These spikes are often installed on ledges of commercial or residential buildings. Pigeon spike has small metal pins that discourage birds from landing on the roof.
Decoys:Keeping fake predators such as owls and hawks on the roof is a smart option to forcing birds to stay away from your premises. When you are thinking to install a pigeon repellent, decoys are the most convenient method to get rid of pigeons.
Destroy the nests: If the birds are massing to your home, then there might be a nest somewhere inside the roof or chimney. If you destroy it, those birds will fly away to be in search of a new home.
Ultrasonic: High-pitched ultrasonic sounds have been known as effective bird prevention technique. However, these sounds have a negative impact on people nearby and surrounding businesses. Thus, this kind of bird control devices should be installed in the place which is isolated or away from the main town.
Netting: This kind of bird control technique is one of the oldest and common to block off the birds completely from the roof. Spike guard is also helpful in order to keep your balcony bird free.
Perch-repellent gel: This special gel is sticky and gummy to the birds.This is known as best pigeon repellent technique and is generally applied to ledges so pigeons feel uncomfortable while landing and fly away.
Bird repellent spray: It is one of the popular bird control devices which is highly effective to keep birds away from the roofs, windows, vents etc. These days, different varieties of bird spike are manufactured using advanced spike technology.Spike guard is highly efficient and long-lasting solution to deter birds.



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