How the pest control is effective in newly constructed buildings?

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Pest control treatment in the newly constructed building is highly effective to protect you from the pest infestation in the future. The construction sites attract various pests such as termite, rodents, spiders, insects etc. Planning the pest control ahead of time will not only aid you to prevent pest infestations during the construction period but also help to do the construction in a smarter way that will keep the pests out for years to come.

New construction pest control should be considered during the different phases of the construction process.

Pre-construction pest control treatment!

Whether you are building a brand-new building or renovating an old one, seeking the help of a reliable pest control company will aid you to address some important pest related issues ahead of time. See how they can aid you to treat the pests-

  • Monitoring: Pest control service providers monitor the construction area in order to know the types of pests nearby and how you can protect your building site from pest infestation.
  • Chemical barrier: A new construction pest control treatment plan helps to form a chemical barrier to safeguard your building from future pest infestations. This pest control services may include the soil treatment before the slab placement. They particularly treat the areas where wooden cabinets, doors, and other items will be installed.
  • Water sources: Water sources such as lakes and ponds are the biggest attraction for pests. These sources are also considered when they offer pest control for a construction site.

Pest control treatment during the construction!

During the construction phases, many details require careful attention.  At this stage, many people ignore the importance of pest control but, they should not underestimate the opportunities for pests to attack your construction site. Pest control professionals actively do pest control treatment on your construction site by bearing these things in mind:

  • Beware of the waste: The waste material thrown at the construction site may attract the pests. Human food, waste cardboard or wood, and other things which are used during the construction process might form a food source or home for certain pests.
  • Relocate the pests: The new construction site may be spoiling the existing habitat of a pest population. Get the help from the professional pest control service providers during the construction to set a barrier around the outer area of the construction site to eradicate or relocate the pest population from that area.
  • Inspect all construction material:New construction pest control experts inspect all the materials for any signs of pest infestation before bringing them onto the construction site, mainly in the case of wood which may be pest-ridden.

Protecting the construction site free from the post-invasion during all of the phases of construction would be easy with the cooperation between a pest control professional and the site manager. A pest inspection before moving into the new building is highly recommended to ensure the success of the pest control plans. A continuing service schedule by a pest control professional will keep pests away for the long term.



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