How Authentic Is Your PCB Manufacturer? Here Are 4 Ways To Tell

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The health of your digital device depends to a great extent on the quality of PCBs used in the same. This makes imperative to choose manufacturers that are not only reliable but are known for offering impenetrable solutions that are completely free of errors and faults. Considering the alarming number of printed circuit board makers that are existent these days, here is a short roundup of a few good ways to tell if your chosen manufacturers are authentic at all or not…

• Reputation and years of existence in the market – Manufacturers that have been around in the market for a while and have gained reasonable reputation in the field of dependable printed circuit board manufacturing are safe to approach. Reading reviews posted in favor of or against the manufacturers can also be very enlightening as far as understanding the true scope of the providers are concerned.

• Manufacturing practices – A lot lies in the right manufacturing practices as embraced by the manufacturers. Genuine manufacturers are honest about the technology and processes that they apply while designing the end product. More updated the technology better the products are likely to be.

• End to end services – Printed circuit boards manufacturers that offer end to end solutions including offering heavily customizable PCB solutions are worth your time and money. Please note that certain providers may only be suppliers of PCBs and not manufacturers; thus offering general pre designed solutions that may not meet your expectations.

• Licenses and certifications – Lastly, checking the licenses and certifications of the manufacturer is important. Manufacturers that possess standard international / national registration and licenses are dependable and safe to approach.

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