High Tech Spy Gadget: Motion Activated USB Flash Drive Spy Camera

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High Tech Spy Gadget: Motion Activated USB Flash Drive Spy Camera

USB Flash Drive is common in our life, it’s mainly used for storage files, but if you have seen a high school USB Flash Drive with the feature operate of recording and motion activated. Today i am going to bring our highlight spy gizmo – USB Flash Drive Spy Camera.

Product Overview: 

The USB Flash Drive Spy Camera looks (and functions) like a regular flash drive, with one exception – it has a miniature inbuilt microphone that mechanically starts recording whenever audio is detected.

Highlight Features:

ime Video Recording
Support Audio Recording
Support Motion Detecting Recording
U-Disk USB Flash Drive Function

The popular Uses of the USB Flash Drive Spy Camera:
1.Record meetings and lectures while not having to take a pen and paper
2.Capture interviews and never miss a moment of the spoken language
3.Take with you to record important notes throughout the day
4.Document sales presentations and conferences


If you’re looking for a simple to use, no frills voice recorder, this is it. There’s no setup or configuration to worry about, just charge the device by plugging it into your computer’s USB port and it’s prepared to go. For only $89 you’ll ne’er ought to worry regarding carrying around pen and paper once more with the USB Flash Drive Spy Camera.

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