Get the Redefined Look with Cosmetic Surgery in Korea

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Get the Redefined Look with Cosmetic Surgery in Korea

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The most common cosmetic surgery in Korea is facial contouring surgery. Facial contouring surgery is performed to redefine the look by changing the structure of any parts of the face to maintain a facial harmony. Before 21st century, facial contouring surgery to correct a jaw bone or cutting a bone to restructure was unimaginable. Perhaps until lately when facial contouring surgery Korea was introduced it revolutionized the plastic surgery industry. Surgical facial contouring was made possible by a South Korean Plastic Surgeon.  Until then surgical facial contouring surgery was only performed to treat seriously injured patient. Facial contouring surgery Korea has been becoming a common marketplace and international clients are being attracted to the expertise of South Korean Plastic Surgeon. The Korean Plastic Surgery has reached to the highest standards as the Plastic Surgeon are doing extensive operations every day and some of the Best Korean Plastic Surgeon even writing books based on the case they are facing.


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In Cosmetic surgery in Korea, the four major types of facial contouring are chin surgery, cheekbone surgery, square jaw surgery and quick cheekbone surgery or zygomaplasty. The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic has the comprehensive treatment solution to treat the best facial contouring in Korea. Facial contouring procedures hold the concept of augmentation and reduction. Face augmentation is simpler than the face or jaw reduction surgery and face reduction is the reason why most people fly in Korea.   Since Korea has is the home to the best plastic surgeon, hence Korea has the most advanced technique as the surgeons have years of experience. Facial contouring surgery is the opportunity to have once in a lifetime and even in Beverly Hill plastic surgeons are incapable of perfect contouring due to lack of experience. Facial contouring in Korea is the real destination for the surgical facial contouring whether for an Asian or from any other ethnic.
The Line Plastic Surgery Clinic offers the most advanced and unique treatment for the facial contouring in Korea such as 3D Cheekbone Surgery. The Line’s only 3D Maloplasty makes slim and smooth facial lines at from every angle including a 45° angle, front and lateral. It not only removes prominent cheekbone reduction surgery, but it forms beautiful facial contouring considering the ratio and harmony of the whole face. It is also seen that some of the customers add implants as it is known broken cheekbone surgery to give more volume to cheeks. In South Korea, the Surgeons are very experts in dealing with the cheekbone reduction sagging after cheekbone reduction surgery.  These surgeries are often combined with the V-line surgery which creates a much softer and brighter look. For cheekbone reduction, incisions are made inside your mouth but if the protrusion is too extreme, incisions can be made next to your sideburns.

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Square Jaw Surgery is also a well known facial contouring Korea. Square Jaw surgery was first introduced in Korea and it the treatment they have mastered over the years. A square jaw surgery in adopted when a famine has a square jaw and to have a feminine look. Square Jaw surgery male is also very common in men to have a more attractive look.  Jaw reduction before and after images shows how facial contouring surgery change the overall facial structure with lower jaw cosmetic surgery. Jaw reduction surgery cost is very competitive here at The Line Surgery Clinic and Jaw reduction surgery recovery are also very visible with 6 weeks.

Cosmetic Surgery in Korea is very advanced and surgeon will perform surgery through upper and lower parts of the gum, as incisions are made inside the mouth, there will be no visible scars on the face. This is the reason why facial contouring in Korea is amazing. Even it is impossible to guess for anyone to assume that you had a surgery.




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