Facial Contouring And 3D Cheekbone Surgery – The LINE Plastic Surgery

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Facial Contouring And 3D Cheekbone Surgery – The LINE Plastic Surgery

Zygomaplasty is a plastic and cosmetic surgery, this procedure makes the zygoma relatively smaller to achieve a desired surgical outcome. 3D Cheekbone Surgery is most essential for Asian people impelled by their facial structure and aesthetic perspective trend.


Zygoma is located at the bottom of the lateral orbit, forming a diamond-shaped and cheek bony process in the cheek area. It has four processes. They are the frontal process, the maxillary process, temporal process and the orbital process respectively. After exposing, part of the zygomatic bone is trimmed away, or the front part of the zygomatic arch is moved inward by osteotomy of the zygoma and the zygomatic arch. As a result, the patient’s face will appear small/Chic face due to the Cheekbone reduction and enhancing volume.

face-contouring the line clinic

The LINE 3D Cheekbone contouring a general anesthetic procedure which takes on 40mins to operate, the stitches are usually removed 1 week after the operation, which is before a week from complete recovery within this period, outpatient treatment will be at least 3-5 times. Finally, the patient can go back to attending daily routine with a brand new angelic appearance.

The surgery has proven to be extremely effective. Sim, Hae-Mi and Jung, Ji Eun, two of LINE’s oldest patient who have undertaken the procedure and notified with positive responses, just two weeks after the surgery. Their previous existed large rough face was then a natural and smooth at front, in profile and in 45 degree angle, Smaller and slender with 3D volume. Faces that were once wide/flat now they appeared to be to Slim and graceful with a tender expression, throwing off old aged looks into a much younger version of a developed beauty, in just two weeks.



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