Facial Bone Contouring at the Mine Plastic Surgery Clinic

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Facial Bone Contouring at the Mine Plastic Surgery Clinic

In Asians, Wide, Flat and long Face, unmistakable zygoma (cheek Bone) and mandible (Jaw Bone), weak and retruded Chin, Flat or retruded brow are very regular.

Along these lines, Facial Bone Contouring to make their Face little, shallow and bossy, for example, zygoma Reduction, mandible Reduction, Chin Augmentation, Forehead Augmentation is exceptionally well known.

When we survey Facial extent, we isolate Face 3 Horizontal and 5 Vertical pieces which ought to be comparable. Facial Bone Contouring is the most critical Surgery in Face since harmony between the structures in Face is more vital than the state of every Structure.


Jaw (Mandible) Reduction

In the event that the patient has Wide or prominent Jaw, mandible Reduction and Botox infusion to masseter muscle are prescribed. There are two techniques in mandible Reduction (mandible Angle resection and sagittal part osteotomy).

  • Mandible Angle resection

Triangular Bone is resected at mandible Angle to make mandible Angle smoother. Regardless of the possibility that the impact in side view is awesome, the impact in front view is moderately little. In this way, this is suggested for individuals with unmistakable Mandibular Angle from side which can make manly look.

  • Sagittal part osteotomy

The external cortex of mandible is expelled. The Width of Jaw can be diminished a considerable measure in front view and the Jaw diagram in side view is somewhat smoothened. This is prescribed for them who have Wide Jaw which can make a substantial look.


Cheek (Zygoma) Reduction

Cheek Bone Reduction surgery is the key technique to make Asian People’s Face littler and extremely famous Surgery in Mine center. Zygomatic (cheek) Bone is a thin curve like Bone which has both closures appended to Skull and there is a vacant space underneath zygomatic Bone. In zygomatic Reduction, both finishes are cut and the interceding Bone section (zygomatic Bone) is moved Inward, Backward and Downward.

Along these lines, cheek unmistakable quality is discouraged and the patient can get little, shallow Face and smoother, more brilliant impression.


Chin Surgery

While patients looking for counsel about Facial Cosmetic Surgery regularly concentrate on structures, for example, the nose, the eyes, the Facial Plastic specialist’s evaluation every now and again distinguishes the lower third of the Face as a zone that could be surgically changed to enhance general Facial appearance and agreement.

The profile of a patient can be altogether changed with either a Chin Augmentation or Reduction methodology. This, thus, significantly affects general Facial symmetry.


Forehead Augmentation

To Augment Flat or uneven temple, uniquely crafted silicone Implant or Fat Graft is utilized.  Every technique has its own favorable circumstances and weaknesses.

In the event that you lean toward silicone Implant, you ought to remain in Korea for over 2 weeks since I require time to make specially designed silicone Implant. In case, that you lean toward Fat Graft, you ought to remain in Korea for more than 5 to 6 days.



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