Do you want to study abroad without IELTS?

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IELTS and TOFEL are the two major exams through which students go abroad for study. But, there are several students who find difficult to crack these major tests. The good news for such students is that they can study abroad without IELTS Vadodara. However, there are certain conditions you would have to fulfill to be able to study abroad.

If the student is from a non-English speaking country, it would be difficult for him/her to get admission in the universities in an English-speaking country without passing the IELTS or TOEFL. Actually, the idea behind TOEFL and IELTS score is to ensure that the applicant can understand, write, read and speak English in an academic context.

If you want to appear for IELTS and TOFEL exams, it is important to join IELTS speaking training classes Vadodara. They provide the training to learners in written and spoken English.  IELTS is accepted in most of the academic institutes in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, America, and South Africa. But, there are certain institutes and universities which do not give priority to these tests. For instance, in the Northwestern University, Chicago, TOEFL or IELTS scores are not mandatory for the candidates to apply for under graduate programs who have completed minimum 3-4 years of secondary education in English. In the Critical Reading section of the SAT Reasoning Test, they must have scored 650 or more.

Best IELTS classes Vadodara trains their student patiently. They guide their students about the procedure of admission in foreign universities. There are several universities in other countries that keep TOEFL or IELTS scores optional for the students who had their language of instruction English during their secondary school. Again, if the candidate is from a non-English speaking nation and has completed few years secondary education in an English-speaking country, he/she will be relieved from providing TOEFL or IELTS score.

IELTS speaking training classes Vadodara provides the guidance to gather all the necessary documentation. They are working with the country’s proper immigration authorities. Best IELTS classes Vadodara provide the one-stop solution under one roof for students who want to study abroad.

While the visa authorities of different countries are well aware of the IELTS exemptions for certain academic institutes, you will still be likely to convey to them your English language proficiency. If you wish to study abroad without IELTS Vadodara, universities may ask you to come over for the interview so that they can assess how good your English is. If they are satisfied with candidate’s interview, a poor IELTS score will not cause any problems for your visa. Ultimately, good English proficiency will aid you in many ways whether in your interview, studies, socialization or later on in the employment. So, this is one skill which is definitely worth. You must join an institute which will train you for both spoken as well as for written English. The sooner you start the better it will be for you.



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