Diplacusis(Double Hearing)

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download (5)There I will explain some points about diplacusis:-


  • What is Diplacusis?
  • Causes of Diplacusis.
  • Types of Diplacusis.
  • Treatment for Diplacusis.

Diplacusis, also known as Diplacusis binaural. So, Every person or everything has one name which derives from somewhere, and in every name, there is any meaning behind that word, If we see the root of Diplacusis word then we found it’s come from Greek words which are:-

Greek Word                 Meaning

  1.Diplous                        Double

2.Akousis                       Hearing

Now, We can clearly Know the meaning of diplacusis but here I will explain what happens to the person with this disorder, Symptoms, Cause, and treatment.

What Is Diplacusis Binaural?

Diplacusis Binaural or interaural pitch difference is a type of tinnitus that is the perception of the single auditory stimulus as two separate sound which may differ in pitch or time.

An example, Musicians experience this condition much time as compared to an average individual because their ears are more sensitive to pitch and tone.

People with Conductive hearing loss can sometimes experience diplacusis temporarily. Diplacusis occur when your ears have a significant difference in frequency selectivity. This result in a clashing interpretation of the tone you hear.

Causes of Diplacusis:-

 The reason behind this damage to the inner ear as a result of:-

1.Noise-Induced Hearing Loss:-  It refers to a reduction in auditory acuity associated with noise exposure. Sensitive structure in our ear can be damaged hair cell. These are a sensory structure which converts sound energy into electrical energy. Once damaged this cell cannot grow back.

2.Trauma to Head:-  Head trauma means damage in scalp, skull or brain caused by injury. Head injury is classified into two parts:-

  • Open Injury
  • Closed Injury

3. And certain medication is one of the common cause of diplacusis.

 Hindrance in ear also causes of Diplacusis. Hindrance in the ear because of:-

1.Ear Infection:- Our ear is made of three section The outer ear, The middle ear, The inner ear. Ear infection is caused by the use of headphone, hearing aid and even hair product is also included. If you have ear infection then you feel swelling, heat, pain, put in ear.

2.Excess Earwax:- Many people use earwax for cleanness of ear and its good for the ear but excess use of earwax damage our eardrum. And it also causes diplacusis.

Types Of Diplacusis:-

It is mainly categorized into four parts.

1. Diplacusis Dysharmonica:-  It is a common type of diplacusis. In this person hear the correct pitch in one ear, and vice-versa to other one or hear the different pitch in another ear.

2. Diplacusis Binaural:- It happens when you hear the same sound differently in each ear.Only Difference between dysharmonic and binaural is, In binaural difference in the timing of the hearing Sound.

3. Diplacusis Echoica:- It occurs when the timing of the sound in the ear is Slightly differing. So, that’s why you feel the same sound repeated as an Echo.

4. Diplacusis Monaural:- It happens in one ear. In this, an ear hears the same sound as two different sound.

Treatment For Diplacusis:-  

Treating an infection, unclogging senses and cleaning out ear wax can ease the problem. As the problem clears

The hearing should return normally. For those who have hearing loss due to other condition, hearing aids can even out the frequency ranges in both ear and relieve the diplacusis. In some cases, however, no treatment will reduce the problem.

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