Chin Augmentation for Weak Chins

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A weak chin is a very troublesome aspect of your face. Your entire life may be consumed by figuring out ways to compensate for it. Even then, the improvement would hardly be significant. So, what do you do to relieve yourself of this trouble? Nowadays, there are many surgical options available and one of the best treatments for a weak chin is the chin augmentation. The surgery is part of a bigger procedure called the facial contouring surgery, where it is coupled with cheekbone surgery and jaw surgery. In Korea, a massive number of people have undergone the procedure with patients pouring in from all over the world. This might be due to the highly competitive Korean surgeons as well as the relative affordability of the procedure itself. Here we outline the basics of the surgery.

What is Chin Augmentation Surgery?

The Chin Augmentation Surgery involves manipulating the chin to increase its size. Making it more proportionate with the features of the face. According to the desires of the patient, the amount of chin lift required and other individual factors, a specific technique is chosen from the vast types available. The Chin Augmentation surgery involves placing incisions on the underside of the lip so as to minimize scarring and placing fats, obtained from liposuction of other body parts. This will give a natural lift to the chin. However, if it is insufficient, a chin implant is placed which serves to elevate the chin to the required levels.

Types of Chin Implants

There are a number of different implants available which include:

  • Silicone implants, by far the most popular type. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are smooth and flexible to allow easy incorporation during surgery. However, they do not stick so they may move around which can be a problem for some.
  • Polyethylene implants, these are hard implants that are porous and minutely flexible. They imitate the natural chin better and stick to the tissues as the porous nature allows the natural chin to grow within and hold on to the pores.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene, this is an immensely strong chin implant. It is incorporated into the chin as neatly sliced sheets and is held down using screws made of titanium. However, the porous nature of the material allows the living tissue to grow into the implant allowing a strong connection with the actual chin.

Considering all these implants, it is evident that there is a variety of choices for you out there. During your pre-op discussion with the doctor, all these options will be brought up for consideration. The pros and cons of each will be laid down in front of you and then by keeping your preferences and your individual body factors in mind, a specific technique and implant will be decided. This is to ensure maximum satisfaction after the procedure so that your chin augmentation becomes the best decision you ever made.



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