Buy Plastic ID Cards and Dress Your Guests for Success

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Buy Plastic ID Cards and Dress Your Guests for Success

Nothing gives off the sense of belonging stronger than a members only card. If you want to invite your guests to feel at home at your event or on your tour, a simple but aesthetically pleasing ID card can serve both as a welcome gift and as an easy means of organizing people. When you Buy Plastic Id Cards to hand out to all your visitors, you establish an easy system of simultaneously inducting and introducing your guests to the company. This leaves a lasting impression of hospitality and sophisticated organizational skills, which will increase your reputation favorably among the masses.

Naturally, when you buy plastic ID cards there is a method to how to go about it. Any old common sheet of white plastic won’t cut it – you need to present quality and care to your guests if you want them to remember you favorably. The good news is sites and services like ID Shop make that easy. These quality ID card printers have over 30 years of experience in making top quality event badges, name tags, and all other ID card credentials. They’re well equipped to print any design you make and can even implement individual pictures and personalized data fields onto each card to make them unique to your guests. All you have to do is choose what you want, how you want it, and submit the details to ID Shop’s professionals.

That leaves the designing process in your hands. When it comes to making appealing and professional ID cards, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Foremost, the cards should be readable. It sounds obvious, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing a layout or font that looks good when zoomed in on a computer screen, but prints blurry or confusing when transferred to a small ID card. Approach your ID card layout the same way you would approach a professional PowerPoint slide. Don’t use more than two or three colors unless your design is simply a photo or illustrated background, only include necessary information, and choose a font that is easy to read at a distance. The best fonts to use are sans-serifs, as these fonts include adequate spacing between letters, and letters that could appear similar such as a capital ‘I’ (as in ‘igloo’) and a lower case ‘l’ (as in ‘lamp’) are made distinct from one another. There are of course a wide range of sans-serif fonts, but it would best suit you to use ones with a professional appearance, like Arial, rather than a ‘fun’ font like Comic Sans.

Once you’ve determined the look of your ID cards it’s time to decide on the size. ID Shop offers three different ID card sizes, from the credit card sized 2.125in X 3.375in cards to the ‘jumbo’ 3.5in X 5.5in and extra large 4in X 6in cards often seen at events such as concerts or festivals. The size of your cards will determine how much can be fit on them, so it is best to decide on this early in the process. Also consider how you want these cards displayed and how your guests will wear them. ID cards can be attached to lanyards and worn around the neck, or to clips and pinned to a shirt front. These accessories can also be found in ID Shop’s online store, so be sure to order everything you need to outfit your guests.

Finally, decide on any extra elements you want added to your cards. For no extra cost, ID Shop can implement guest photos and personalized information fields, the names and titles of your guests, and/or bar codes and sequential numbers to help organize the crowds and sort everyone where they belong. Each of these additions have their own uses, so it is up to you to customize your ID cards to suit your company’s needs.

If you ever have any questions when you go to buy plastic ID cards from ID Shop, simply call their customer service representatives at 844-443-7467 and get expert advice for any ID card concerns you may have.

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