Browse White Mountain Knives Selection of Good Pocket Knife Brands

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Browse White Mountain Knives Selection of Good Pocket Knife Brands

There is a reason knives are one of the oldest tools that humans created and carried for literally thousands of years. They are not only indispensable for basic arts like butchering and food preparation but, in the scope of their utility, they are nearly limitless and cannot be matched by any other tool.

While it is true that specialized tools will outperform a knife in their intended arena of use, there is no single tool that can do as much as a knife in the hands of a skilled user. For this reason, people seek knives for everyday carry – carry a knife one day and you won’t be able to survive without one going forward. For this purpose, interested parties tend to seek out pocket knives, and there is quite a host of Good Pocket Knife Brands to choose from, but a few brands tend to rise to the top as favorites among collectors, critics, and carriers.

For those looking to purchase a pocket knife that will attract as well as perform, W. R. Case Cutlery offers some absolutely beautiful pocket knives in design that will function as well as dazzle the eyes and please the grip. Offering ubiquitously popular pocket knife styles such as Barlow, Congress, Stockman, Trapper, Spanish toothpick and more, for over a hundred years Case Cutlery has been providing reliable pocket knives that dice, whittle, chop, and slice.

For everyday tasks like opening mail, sharpening pencils and pruning potted flowers these knives will excel. The best part is that Case offers these knives with beautiful scales like jigged bone, abalone, and ebony. An investment in a case knife is more than an exercise in utility – the piece will probably appreciate in value.

No list of pocket knife providers would be complete without Buck. Buck Knives has been outfitting outdoorsmen with rock-solid blades for well over a hundred years and is the parent of legends like the Buck 110 folding hunter, perhaps the most carried pocket knife of all time. Buck also offers Stockman, Canoe, and Trapper knives in addition to sturdier locking models like the Bantam. Buck also warranties their products for life, so a purchase of a Buck is not one that will disappoint.

Some would argue that Spyderco makes some of the best pocket knives on the market today, and they would be well apparelled to make a defense of such claims. Though Spyderco specializes in less than traditional designs and does not offer the multiple bladed pocket knives that define companies like Case and embody the idea of a Swiss army knife, they offer many rugged locking fixed blades with excellent steels and nigh indestructible handles. Models like the Spyderco Tenacious and Perrin PPT Sprint satisfy the needs of outdoorsmen and others who simply need to carry a blade.

It would be impossible to completely hash out a list of good pocket knife brands, but rest assured that among them and for many of the reasons aforelisted are Byrd, Cold Steel, CRKT, Gerber, Kershaw, Leatherman, Schrade and the legend, Victorinox. This does not, however, mean that there are no others. The list is nearly as long as the day, and for this very reason, if you are interested in good pocket knife brands you should head to and peruse their selection.

White Mountain Knives offers the most (and the best) blades anywhere on the market and at amazing prices. Not only this but on the off chance you are looking for a pocket knife that isn’t listed, their excellent vendor connections enable them more than likely to be able to find it for you. That, and orders ship free in the United States. There’s hardly a better time than now to find your next EDC pocket knife, so get to it.

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