Britannia: our opinion on a series exotic, but a little too chilly

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While there will be no new Game of Thrones season this year, the Britannia series took the opportunity to unveil its first season of 9 episodes. Critical without spoilers of this production “historical but not too much” of Sky and Amazon.

While waiting for his series Lord of the Rings , Amazon has trusted the English channel Sky to feed the catalog of its Prime Video service in fantasy content with Britannia . Produced by both parties, this ambitious series is indeed inevitably think on paper to a certain download free full movies Game of Thrones; and this  despite its historical setting, since a serious touch of magic and esotericism is added over. Is the result up to the level of HBO production? This is what we will see in this review without spoilers.

To the north, it was the cauldrons

The 9 episodes of Britannia (or virtually 10 because the pilot episode lasts more than an hour) take place in 43 in Great Britain (surprise!). Several decades after having rejected the first Roman Empire of Julius Caesar thanks to the mystical powers of the Druids, people with powers and guided by the Gods, the local tribes now live in conflict with each other. Of course, the Romans did not say their last word despite their debacle and their fear of the supernatural and are now back, led by Aulus Plautius (David Morrissey).

Britannia takes a few episodes to install each character and each faction and does not hurry too much to show where she will go. In addition to the Romans, we have two Celtic tribes led on one side by King Pellenor (Ian McDiarmid) and his daughter Kerra (Kelly Reilly) and on the other by Queen Antedia (Zoë Wanamaker). In the middle of all this are other important characters, including the leader of the Druids Veran (Mackenzie Crook) or the young Cait (Eleanor Worthington) and the former Druid Divis (Nikolaj Lie Kaas).

All this beautiful people will find themselves entangled in a political plot sprinkled with religious beliefs where everyone tries to make the best of the other for the benefit of his own people while respecting (or not) the will of the Gods. If the scenario of Britannia has some flashes “at the Game of Thrones ” (reversals of situation, violent and bloody deaths … etc.), The story told is quite talkative and unfortunately rarely exciting.

The set is very well to watch thanks to its overall cast in the tone, but few are really exciting moments where the viewer is blown away by what the scenario proposes. Britannia comes in a context where there are always more high quality series and where you have to really reach a level of excellence at all levels to get out of the fray and give the desire to binge watching. It does not miss much the show to achieve it, but it is not there yet.

The reasons for this “mediocrity” are not prohibitive, but are quite numerous. Some characters and relationships are a little too under exploited (not all, fortunately), the esoteric layer of the show can tire if it’s not your cup of tea (despite the good idea not to abuse CGI to give life to the magic) and the limited budget of the series is seen despite some nice fights but not enough. Fortunately for her the series has a truly successful atmosphere if you like this time, some characters and dialogs rather nice and enjoys including costumes and especially beautiful sets and plans.

Britannia: our opinion

To have a real interest, Britannia will need a season 2 to continue his story that fails to convince perfectly in his first 9 episodes. If Sky and Amazon decide to continue their half-historic adventure half-fantasy we will be at the rendezvous without too much dragging feet as the universe created is beautiful and promising, but it will however take a little more risk side story and pace to hope to reach the rival download free movie status of Game of Thrones . And if the creative teams read this: do not hesitate to pick up the violence and choreography of Spartacus for the fighting, by the way.

Britannia’s broadcast is in progress across the Channel on Sky, while across the Atlantic all episodes are available on Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately, once again the French version of the streaming service is lagging behind and has a deplorable communication. Thus, despite our demands we still do not know if and when the series will come to us.



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