Best Curtain Rods and Hardware For Modern Window Coverings

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Best Curtain Rods and Hardware For Modern Window Coverings

Drapery Curtain Rods released this brand new collection called the Lux Acrylic Collection (pictured above). It is one of the company’s most popular collections.

When deciding to purchase drapery hardware for modern window coverings, options can be overwhelming. This is why we interviewed a drapery hardware expert from Drapery Curtain Rods (DCR). Many readers were asking; “Which curtain rods look the best with modern window coverings?”

We decided to interview Drapery Curtain Rods because they:

have the largest selection of decorative curtain rods and curtain accessories

shopping is open to Canada and the United States

willing to offer trade secrets that would benefit our readers looking for that “Modern Décor Look”

Which Curtain Hardware Is The Best For Modern Window Coverings?

Acrylic Drapery Hardware or otherwise known as Clear Curtain Hardware, offers the most modern décor options. Iron curtain rods come in second place, and then wooden curtain rods.

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Modern Window Coverings:

  1. Match the colour of the curtain hardware to the colour and look of your chandeliers, lamps and doorknobs. This will add a complementary look to your interior and tie everything together.
  2. Acrylic drapery hardware is easiest to work with and matches chandeliers, lamps and doorknobs.
  3. Silk draperies go great with Acrylic curtain rods and they add a modern look and feel to your window treatments.
  4. For a contemporary look, use a cotton or linen fabric for your curtains.
  5. DCR customers can mix and match different curtain rod accessories including; finials, rods, holdbacks, elbows, rings and connectors. The most fun part of designing modern window treatments is being creative and putting together the perfect pieces. They come in various finishes from chrome to pewter. Colours range from silver to black, gold to white and clear to crystal.
  6. Clear curtain rods create an open look, which can make a space look slightly bigger. They add a sophistication and are trending this season. The Lux Collection is sure to impress.
  7. Clear finials add an extra touch of prestige to clear curtain rods. They act as the end piece of the curtain rod and screw on easily.

Now that you know what curtain hardware is needed to create modern window fashions, it’s time to start shopping.

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