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We can’t imagine life without water. We use water to perform many activities such as drinking, preparing food, washing clothes and dishes, watering the yard and garden at the same time.
Many would wonder what makes water reach to homes, and business places we work on, and how it is possible, because if the water supply is stopped immediately, it is certain that everything will come to halt.
Won’t it be a nightmare, or pathetic situation to think of?
Let’s dive deep with the subject – what if there is no sewerage and waste water line duck placed?
On top of everything, let’s think if the supply of gas line won’t have been through pipes?
How about human excreta? What makes it go separate from humans?
It seems everything is getting messed up, but that’s not the cause. Humans are great warriors. We have created solutions to every problems ever existed on earth.
Let’s discuss the solution to light unheard facts about GI Pipes:
GI pipes stands for galvanized iron pipe. The term galvanized is used as the galvanization is a process of applying zinc coating to steel or iron to make sure it is away from premature rust and corrosion.
Additionally, the outer protective zinc layer works as a barrier, and that proves equally effective against any sort of damage to GI Pipes, so the pipes become adoptive, and lasting which can be used for heavy and complex purposes at the same time.
Below are the prime places and applications where in GI pipes are being used extensively, and it has revolutionized human lives exponentially:
• Sewerage
• Main water supply
• Fire-fighting equipment
• Water and gas line
• Chemical transportation
• Waste water conveying
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