Application of WPC Boards

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When it comes to rebranding your whole kitchen, or looking to curate a new one; it is most likely possible that you would often hear a lot about WPC Boards or Ply-woods! Well, to put it straight – it is important to understand what WPC exactly is!

To be honest, WPC is wood-plastic composites that are used in kitchen quite often.
It is selectively recommended due to the fact that they are durable, have ability to be molded, and internal wear and tear in the long run.

They work superbly amazing to ensure entire decor of your home stays maintained, and so people love and appreciate you during their visit.

WPC Boards consist of thermoplastics such as PVC and Wood Fiber or Wood Flour.
On top of everything, they consist of filler materials that are inorganic in nature.

Therefore, such boards possess the qualities of wood and the ease of work ability of plastic.

They are sustainable in nature because they are made up of waste wood and recycled plastic.

Apart from the fine qualities such boards serve – they are also resistant to insect such as termites as well as borers.

Application of WPC Boards:

  • Outdoor Decking Floors
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • Cladding
  • Outdoor Landscape
  • Cornices
  • Door and Window Frames
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture

Benefits of WPC Boards:

  • One can consider these boards to be eco-friendly in nature, so it is always great to get them up for your home décor requirement
  • Since they come with 100% water proof, there are less chances it would make things go mess at large
  • These boards are durable in nature, so you can get it set up anywhere across your home or office to enhance overall environment
  • The best part of such Boards is – They are UV resistant; thus, no harm to your material
  • Why people keep WPC boards in office as well as at home is because these boards serve consistence performance than normal woods
  • It might be costly; however, one can always value the long term value of the material for office as well as home décor requirementAmulya WPC/PVC Foam Board is absolutely environment friendly and non polluting material. It is 100% LEAD free board- first of its kind in our panel trade in India. As Lead affects our health and environment- causing cancer, liver & kidney damage & respiratory issues etc.



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