Application of Borosilicate Glass

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What is that drink beverages glass made up of, and why it is used so often in plants, pipeline including cookware, microscope and telescope lenses?

From stage lights, guitar slides to art construction, because of its super durability and good thermal shock capability; it can withstand extreme thermal cycling with minimal effect.

Additionally, we also use it to store food, and as window panes in our homes and automobiles.

Over and above, it is also used to prepare medical diagnostic equipment, electronics and building insulation. To cut the long story short – What we are discussing is all about borosilicate glass.

In the industrial and transportation environment, including home glassware, it has become a preferred and immensely versatile material.

It is now being used in all modern laboratory process and glassware industries predominantly.

Having a variety of application, below are the finest reasons why borosilicate glass is always preferred:

  • It has inert behavior
  • Comes with affordability
  • Is corrosion resistance material
  • A fine and optical clarity glass
  • Has super durability and good thermal shock capability

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