An Overview On Production Of Paracetamol In India

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Paracetamol, also known as acetaminophen or para-acetylaminophenol, has antipyretic and analgesic properties and utilized in many pharmaceutical preparations. The increasing count of patients suffering from different pains and fever globally and the efficacy of paracetamol compared to other analgesics are amongst the key factors for boosting the market for paracetamol India.
Many leading pharmaceutical companies are involved in the business of paracetamol exports in India.The increasing occurrence of ailments like cold, fever, swine flu, headache and arthritis, the growing requirement for fast pain relief have resulted in large-scale paracetamol production in India.On the other hand, factors such as the growing the adverse effects and several contraindications related to the consumption of paracetamol Ep may hinder the growth of the market in coming years.
Paracetamol Tablet is manufactured by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers under various brand names. This medicine should be used with caution because the acetaminophen (the active ingredient contained in Paracetamol drug) may cause some undesirable effects. However, not all of these side-effects may occur, but if they do occur they may require medical attention.The patients who are suffering from liver diseases should not take paracetamol tablet without asking the doctor.
Paracetamol Granules contains paracetamol as an active ingredient.Wet granulation methodology is mainly utilized for paracetamol tablets or granules. It starts working by growing the pain threshold and boosts the blood flow to the skin, reduce body temperature by sweating. Granules exhibit good flow properties. The easy flow features are significant in supplying the drug materials from the feeding container or hopper into the tableting press machine. Due to this, powder mixtures are normally granulated and compressed into the tablets. Granules eradicate or control dust and improve compressibility.
Granules have lesser surface area than a similar volume of powders. This makes granules more stable chemically as well as physically than the corresponding powders. Granules are less likely to get lumps or harden upon standing compared to powders. Paracetamol Granules is used for headache, cold, toothache, joint pain, ear pain, menstrual pain, fever, flu and other conditions.
PAP(Para-aminophenol) is a considerable intermediate used to produce numerous products incorporating dyes, fine chemicals, anti-agers, pharmaceuticals, rubber, and photo developers. PAP is also used in textiles, oil additives, hair dyes, fur, and for manufacturing azo dyes and Sulphur. The most vital application of PAP is its use as a starting material for paracetamol synthesis.
More than 80% of the globally produced Para-aminophenol is used in making paracetamol, which is a broadly used analgesic worldwide. The high demand this analgesic globally has contributed to the growth of the market ofparacetamol exports in India. In addition to this, the advancement in paracetamol production techniques and robust downstream sector are the key factors for boosting the growth of the PAP market. On the other hand, the rising preference for green chemistry is a chief factor that may impede the growth of theparacetamol Ep market in approaching years.



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