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Let us come across the fact of cabling. Do you what do cabling means? Well let me be very much specific, everything that helps to connect our house or you can even say office with the electricity, telephony, and internet is known as cabling. If you are still now confused then just think of the wiring that helps to keep your home safe from the fires and vandals. If you are not professionals then you should not try to do cabling, because it not the safest thing to do. If you are not performing the task under the supervision of experts then a small bad combination of the wire will even your entire house on fire.

Cabling has been further divided into two categories:

• Commercial Cabling: When you visit any office you will find that wired phone, faxes, and many other appliances present that requires cabling. Moreover, if there is an internet connection then they will also call for a proper cabling. Just remember that if you do not involve yourself in this from the beginning then at a later stage you will have to bring down the walls in order to do things right.

• Residential Cabling: This type of cabling is getting its market in the modern houses. Previously the landlords or you can say the homeowners needed to install the phones but due to the emergence of the wireless phone, the service has become almost useless. Still, there are many people who require internet at their home and also the installation of surveillance of cameras.

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