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What are the ideal candidates of Liposuction

Liposuction is the removal of overabundance body fat by suction utilising different surgical gear. Using liposuction, a corrective surgeon can shape any territory of the body; accomplish emotional enhancements with modest changes. Regardless of whether you have a laser liposuction procedure booked, are considering experiencing a liposuction procedure or are exploring corrective surgery at this stage, we have made this manual for making your treatment as simple and agreeable as workable for you.

We, Liposuction Korea is here to guide with tips and information from patients, Doctors,  and our Expert network of Surgeons. Also, we have steps of service from Consultation with the Doctors, to make you chill before the operation and finally take care of you even after the operation with Liposuction.

Here is the list of suggestion we usually provide to the customers and the patients who seek the surgery:


  1. Do your exploration; this is your opportunity with the doctor to discover more about their surgery experience, instruction and accreditation. We comprehend that laser lipo is an important decision so you have to feel good with your specialist and restorative group.
  2. Ask your corrective surgeon to demonstrate you cases of past liposuctions, this will enable you to comprehend their work, and it will likewise allow you to set sensible desires.
  3. Bring a notebook with any readied questions you have. Your medical consultation is an ideal opportunity to get the majority of your inquiries addressed and ensured you comprehend the procedure.
  4. We dependably take prior and then afterwards pictures, so you see the distinction pre-and post-procedure. As a few methods require a long time to settle, an earlier and then later shot is constantly helpful to perceive how far you’ve come.
  5. Make clear you get some information about the downtime you should design (this is ordinarily 3-14 days with a less intrusive procedure, for example, laser liposuction).


Pre operation

  1. If you have any inquiries or questions in the days before the procedure, ask the restorative group – they are there to influence you to feel as great as could be expected under the circumstances.
  2. Make beyond any doubt somebody is there to lift you up after the procedure so you can unwind knowing you can go home and recoup.
  3. Plan your system, so you have enough time to rest and recover after the surgery.
  4. We frequently prescribe to have some pre-cooked sound nourishment or the quantity of a stable conveyance administration to hand so you can concentrate on resting after the procedure.
  5. Make sure you’ ve comprehended the aftercare necessities, have your appointments booked and your help packed garment prepared.

Post operation

  1. Your aftercare is as vital as the surgery itself, ensure you see all aftercare exhortation procedures plot by your therapeutic group.
  2. Make beyond any doubt you take after your surgeon and restorative group’s recommendation about taking torment executioners and antimicrobials.
  3. Do not shower for the initial 24 hours.
  4. Get a lot of rest, don’t propel yourself in case you’re feeling sore and tired.
  5. Be patient; the final product may just be unmistakable following a half year and any swelling and wounding may keep going for fourteen days.


If you are interested in learning more about the details of these liposuction procedures, you can contact for Korean best Liposuction Surgery at http://liposuctionkorea.com/. To make an appointment, call +82 70 4515 6660.




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