9 Recommended Real Estate Apps for Future Property Buyers

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9 Recommended Real Estate Apps for Future Property Buyers

Nowadays, internet has been a haven for different activities such as searching on various things, communicating with people, or even entertaining ourselves. However, people used internet these days for business and as we all know, world wide web has been the place for business transactions lately. One good example is ordering food from establishments like McDonald’s or KFC. Another one is availing products that you can only find from other places and have them delivered to your doorstep and Amazon is one of the famous websites for that.

Not only food and products can be found in the internet, real estate activities are also making a good buzz online. Internet made easier for people to find new places or properties they can buy or rent by using and downloading apps.

Below are useful real estate apps and websites that people can use when they decided to buy or rent a certain property or kit homes from their chosen location:

This is a multi-use platform app that is mainly used for searching properties. It features a lot of impressive search filters and extra such as mortgage calculators, access to “hidden” inventory and property estimates. Zillow an informative overview of the real estate market and available properties. Listings including MLS numbers are in order just to help user to make a search. Zillow is a free app available on both Android and iOS platform.

Mortgage Calculator
The app tool is really easy-to-use, helping you to understand the repayment requirements a mortgage will require. Mortgage Calculator considers a number of essential parameters to offer the most accurate results, and tells the users the monthly or bi-weekly mortgage payments will be and the future payoff date as well. The app is available on the web for free.

Trulia Real Estate app has a sleek design, separating sections for rentals and homes to own. Users will be able to use the location-based app to search for property listings within their area. Users can find properties using searches on lot size, year built, and square footage. There is also a “open house” to offer an available property to view today. Trulia helps you find an agent too. Trulia can be downloaded in Phone, iPod touch, and iPad, but requires iOS 5.0 or later and Android phones as well.

Lovely is a location-based app that helps people to find easily the places within the area. Users can set up their preference and alerts so they can receive notifications on what’s new on the listings within their area. The free app is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Home Tracker
Home Tracker is being used to jot down notes on every property that user have visited already and make it a reference in the future. The app is available on iOS platform.

Coldwell Banker
This free app lets the users search for property listings in the U.S. and as well as homes from other countries. It gives the users notification options, informing them if there is a new property or open houses that is based on the preference of the users.

In order to regain the details various properties that user have visited, one must take notes and pictures. It is more convenient to keep them for future reference. The free app PictNote helps user to combine photos and notes on each property visited, and it automatically geocodes the location for recalling the property easily.

HomeAway Vacation
This web-based app improves the experience of users when finding and booking properties. It offers information about the user’s travel activity and assist them to find available home for sale or rent in a certain place. HomeAway has over 230,000 rentals for its users to choose from.

CO Everywhere
CO Everywhere helps the users to find essential information about the community where the property belongs to. It provides details on the great places to eat, places to see, and the local events in your possible future neighborhood. Users can properly select the property they want by just checking out the overall feel of the community.



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