5 Worst Offenders That Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

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5 Worst Offenders That Drive Traffic Away From Your Website

Your website was recently launched and it must be running fine. Check out the website stats. Are the visitors sticking to the site? Are there any genuine prospects from the site? Or is the site too clumsy to attract any at all?  Here are five worst offenders that drive traffic away:

#1. Unresponsive sites affect a great deal

People are on the web and on mobile devices and nowadays more than they are on laptops and desktops. Having a responsive website to align the site to smartphones and tablets too is a good choice. Otherwise your website is sure to look odd on smartphones, and visitors would not opt to visit your site since it is not readable enough.

#2. Bad design drives visitors away

This is an unspoken rule but large blocks of text are sure to tire your visitors. Break the text into smaller paragraphs, and use relevant images based on the topic, describing the business in a succinct manner. Refrain from using complex jargon and keep it simple. The bad design of the site including a large colour palette is sure to put off several visitors since the design combinations make the site hard to read. Do not incorporate elements that are unpleasing to the eye.

#3. Bad navigation crosses visitors out

Make sure to create a clear process that visitors prefer to take around the website. If visitors are clueless about products or services, they will be willing to exit the site as soon as possible. It is important to categorize products and services in intelligible structures that will prompt users to either contact you or make a purchase.

#4. A slow site is a hassle

There is an unspoken three second rule that governs the website loading times. If the website does not load quickly and in under three seconds, many visitors are bound to leave your site due to impatience. Do not incorporate many images or extremely rich content including videos that affect performance and slow loading times.

#5. Broken links are like open addresses with nowhere to go

If your site includes outdated content, and lots of broken links, the visitors will go away. Test every link to assess whether they work and perfectly connected to relevant sites. The content should be apt and precise too on all pages.

One More Thing

Unsecure pages, pop-up windows, absence of social media elements, are the other problems one can face with a website. One needs to provide visitors with least disruptions.

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