5 Quick Facts About Chin Implants Surgery

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5 Quick Facts About Chin Implants Surgery

5 Facts About Chin Implants Surgery in general, facial implants can do much to improve and define the contour of a patient’s face. Chin implants in particular are a very popular choice among patients looking to reshape and rebalance their profile, either with the help of a rhinoplasty surgery, injectable treatments, or alone. A strong chin has long been an essential part of what society deems as “attractive.” If you’ve thought about what a chin implant might be able to do for you, read up on these quick facts to get to know this procedure (and cosmetic surgical tool) just a little bit better.

#1 – Chin Implants Surgery Are Permanent

Facial implants are specially designed out of solid and biocompatible materials for the same purpose the enhancement or augmentation of certain facial features. They are not made of fat, protein, or sugar like some nonsurgical injection treatments. In fact, they are designed not to be broken down and flushed from the body over time. Chin implants can provide a permanent solution to a slight or weak chin, an imbalanced facial profile, or a new or old injury to the chin.

#2 – Chin Implants Surgery Are Good Team Players

While the chin implant can only be used to augment the chin, it can help other procedures to achieve their best results. Chin implants are often teamed up with rhinoplasty surgeries in a procedure called a “profileplasty.” These two surgeries combine to create a comprehensive approach to redesigning a patient’s facial profile. While some patients come in seeking both surgeries at once, others might be surprised to hear their facial plastic surgeon recommend it.  Sometimes, the required changes to the nose will be minimal as a chin implant may reduce the prominence of the nose.  The key is balancing the profile for aesthetic harmony.  Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Maloney will analyze your face from every direction to determine if a chin implant is suitable for your face.  The same approach may be taken for patients of otoplasty, or ear-pinning surgery.

Beyond nose jobs, chin implants are also often paired up with cheek or jaw implants. Again, the decision to add multiple implants in one procedure is typically made as a way to achieve balance or better proportion. For some patients, the entire jaw and chin may need to be reshaped together. For others, cheek implants can help add volume after aging and gravity have receded the natural tissue; this boost of volume balances nicely with the right size chin implants.

#3 – Chin Implants Surgery Are Made of Safe Materials

As mentioned previously, chin implants are designed to be highly biocompatible with the human body without being easily broken down and absorbed. While many patients are skeptical about a foreign substance in their bodies, many years of research has shown that chin implants and other facial implants are a safe and effective way to achieve the look you want.

Chin implants today are made of a variety of materials, such as silicone and polyethylene. The silicone implants used are solid, not like the gel implants that are traditionally associated with breast augmentation surgery. If the body reacts in any way to the presence of these substances in the body, it is always minimal, usually involving some slight swelling and inflammation of the area. This reaction is natural and will gradually subside on its own as your body heals and adjusts to your new chin implant.

#4 – Chin Implants Do Involve Surgery

A chin implant will involve a surgical procedure, usually beginning with an incision made inside the mouth or on the underside of your chin. Your facial plastic surgeon will create a small pocket in front of the chin bone and beneath the muscles. He will then insert the chin implant and attach it to the body with sutures so it won’t shift.

Before your procedure, you should expect to undergo a thorough examination of your chin.  Photographs will be taken in our office.Your facial plastic surgeon will use this information to plan the size, shape, placement, and fastening of your chin implant in advance of your surgery date.

#5 – Chin Implants Surgery Carry Very Low Risks

Every surgery carries risks and the potential of complications for its patients. Chin augmentation through an implant is no different, although this procedure carries a very low risk of complications as well as a low rate of occurrence. Some of the complications of your chin implant surgery could include

  • Bruising of the area
  • Movement or shifting of the implant
  • Swelling around the implant
  • Damage to your teeth during surgery
  • A loss of feeling or numbness
  • Infection (which can lead to implant removal)
  • Excessive bleeding or blood clots
  • Poor healing or scarring

Again, these complications happen very infrequently following chin implant surgery, but it is always important to be aware. By choosing a reputable facial plastic surgeon to consult with and perform your chin implant surgery, you will have a head start to cutting down your risks already.



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