2018 Expert tips for making best Design for E-Commerce Website

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2018 Expert tips for making best Design for E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce is also known an E-business or electronic business which means the sales and purchase of good and services over an electronic medium like the internet. With the digital world, almost every second person use internet services and websites to buy or sell anything which gives them an ease. Today, the world is highly dependent on E-commerce websites; they love to do shopping form their home that saves their time and money too.  It typically involves the electronically transferring of data and funds between two parties.

2018 Expert tips for making best Design for E-Commerce Website toparticleinfo

Now the thing which is necessary for any E-commerce website is their designs. If the website design is complex and not easy to use then, hardly a single customer will buy anything from your site. Your website deserves the best; because it is the internet advertising billboard for you and your company.  So design it with proper planning, analyze every important point before starting.

Here are some simple tips for making a better design for any EC website.


Understand the type of Your E-commerce website: there are different types of Electronic websites like B2B which transfer the finds and services between two companies, one is B2C Transaction of services and goods between customers and companies, C2C customer to customer and B2A( Business to Administration) Transaction of good and services between companies and public administration.

You need to understand what type of business do you have and your business needs first before taking any other step.


Gather the data: YES! The second thing which you need is lots of data to make a proper planning for your website design. Understand your audience and their needs. Analyze what they like the most, what gives them an ease, what kind of websites they use for fulfilling their needs. You can understand it by doing some competitive analysis and by talking with your existing customers.


Keep your design clear and easy: Customers hate to fill more data to make your website simple as much as possible. Like checkout form must be short and fast processed so that customer can buy everything fast. If there are so many steps or they encounter problems then they will surely choose another one. So make your buy and checkout process simple also offer your customers Cash on delivery option and keep your account creation and registration process simple.


Use rich media: Rich media is one of the things that will improve the design of your E-Commerce website. Firstly, understand what it is and how to implement it. Use the media like HD images, video, audio that make content interactive. Include product videos on each page that give a clear idea to your customers about your brand.  These videos could be a demonstration of how to use the product or an in-depth view. Other rich media which you can include is a 360-degree virtual image.


Keep the search bar: Don’t forget about search bar. There are a number of sites on the internet where there is no search bar which makes them user very irritate because they can’t search according to their need. This is one of the most used features by customers as it helps people to easily find what they are looking for. The search bar helps you in keeping customers on your website as long as possible. A good tip is to make the search bar the main focus of your E-Commerce website. With this feature, they can easily navigate and look for what they need.

“The simple key to success is- Don’t design for your brand. Design for the people interacting with your brands.”

These are some tips that may help for making your E-commerce website more attractive. Take the help of any web designers; they will help you a lot in understanding the need of your customers.

To fulfill the need of every business, the demand of the web designers and developers is also expended day by day. Candidates can find better opportunities and can bring lots of advantages by making their career in designing or development. Candidate can grab the major web designing jobs opportunity in any big IT or MNC company.

2018 Expert tips for making best Design for E-Commerce Website toparticleinfo 2

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